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Valentine’s Day After a Break-Up

  • Posted on February 9, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Valentine’s Day when you’ve broken up is especially difficult. Many people have experienced their relationships ending right before, or even on, Valentine’s Day! That makes Valentine’s Day especially hard to bear. It worse is when all you want is your ex back, instead of being angry at them. You hate being broken up and want to be back together.


You may think they have moved on and will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone else. It pains you to think of them happy with a new love while you still have not gotten the break up. You feel tempted to call them or text them and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. But when they don’t answer the call or text, you wind up feeling even worse.

Valentine's Day After a Break-Up

Valentine’s Day After a Break-Up

What are you supposed to do on Valentine’s Day when you have broken up and you are not over it yet? How do you handle it when it seems like everyone on earth but you is celebrating love with someone special? All you can think about is your ex and it hurts knowing they haven’t reached out to reconcile. It depresses you to know that Valentine’s Day could come and go without them thinking about you, especially since you cannot stop thinking about them. So is Valentine’s Day just a form or torture or a sign you need to accept that you have broken up and move on?


First, don’t let Valentine’s Day make you do something stupid. If your relationship has ended don’t let Valentine’s Day make you do something you will regret. Don’t let the sentimentally and the fact you are alone on Valentine’s Day make you lose your mind. Don’t forget the break up and why it happened. If you did it, more than likely you had good reasons to do so. Those reasons should not be put on the back burner for a 24 hour holiday. It more than likely took a lot of guts to break up with someone you still cared about, so don’t undo it based on a temporary feeling.


Let Valentine’s Day come and go and then use your brain, instead of your emotions, to look back on your relationship. If they broke up with you, focus on the break up. Did they have a valid reason for breaking up or are they just sabotaging what you could have? Do people break up with all the time for no good reason? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, then you need to take a more hardened look at your ex.


You didn’t deserve what they did, and you should not be ready, willing and able to sign up for that to happen to you again. Your ex is showing you who they are and you really should not like their real self. That part needs to change. You really need to put your foot down and change how you react to the break ups and your part of getting back together. Change your ways or they won’t change theirs and you will wind up spending many, many Valentine’s Days alone.


Don’t worry so much about them coming back, but worry about it getting worse the next time around, and do something different so they do something different. If you focus on creating change within yourself first, which can create change with them, you may never have to face Valentine’s Day alone again.

Are You Still Stuck on Your Ex? Time to Move Forward with YOUR Life

  • Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:05 am
stuck on my ex

Are you still stuck on your ex? Are you trying as hard as you can to get over your ex but it isn’t working? Do you wish you could move on and find someone else but are having no luck? Do you wonder what your ex is doing and if they are…

Will Your Ex Remain an Ex or Will You Get Back Together?

  • Posted on December 5, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Will your ex remain an ex or will you get back together again? So many clients call us wondering if the status with their ex is a permanent one. For all the worrying, over analyzing and tears, one must remember that it is not certain that your ex will even remain your ex. The first thing you should take a look at is the relationship prior to the break up. Is there a pattern of breaking up all the time? Do you have an on/off relationship?


If you do, then you really need to stop telling yourself this time will be different and they won’t want to reconcile. Rather than think that, simply tell yourself the past will repeat itself and your ex won’t remain an ex forever. You can either worry your ex will remain your ex, or you can give yourself some hope. Worrying and thinking worst case scenario won’t guarantee they will come back, so what use is it to you?

Will Your Ex Remain an Ex

Will Your Ex Remain an Ex

There is nothing wrong with trying to stay positive. It can actually keep you from doing something stupid. When you let your mind wander to thoughts of your ex remaining an ex, you can work yourself into a tizzy. When that happens you could do something that could hurt your chances of getting your ex back. Best to stay on the side of caution.


Exes get back together all the time. The answer lies within the couple themselves. If there are still strong feelings of love on both sides, then chances are pretty good. Your ex might be angry with you right now, and that anger is all you see and hear. They may still love you, but they are not in a place right now to show it. They have to get over their anger first, so it would be very stupid to anger them further. If they are angry and want space, give it to them. If they are angry and don’t want to talk to you, then don’t try to communicate with them right now.


Give them the time they need, regardless of your patience level, because it could make things much more worse. Your ex may remain an ex if the anger keeps escalating, so it is best to let them calm down completely. When you try to talk to an angry person, all they are most likely to do is fight with you. So give the anger time to evaporate, so the love can be shown and felt again. Always remember, just because someone is angry with you does not mean they don’t love you anymore.


In some cases, with some couples, the time has come for an ex to remain an ex. If the relationship is too toxic and volatile the couple needs to let go, at least for a while. If down the line, they decide to reconcile with professional help, they may just make it. Without it, they are most likely to repeat the same behaviors only to wind up exes again. If you really want to make it work, seek professional help. You wouldn’t pull your own teeth would you? You wouldn’t fix your own roof or do surgery on yourself would you? No, you would leave it to the professionals. So seek their help if your relationship was out of control and you are thinking of getting back with your ex.


The bottom line is each couple has a different path. Some will get back together. Some will remain exes. But if you focus on yourself, and help yourself, you will be ok regardless of what the future holds.


You Miss Him but Does He Miss You?

  • Posted on September 11, 2016 at 9:50 am

Do you miss him and wonder does he miss you? Have you been trying to forget about your ex but finding thoughts of them keep creeping up on you? It’s hard to not think about an ex, especially when the break up is still fresh in your mind. We have a tendency to think about the good times, and how much we miss him. If you still hold out hope you may reconcile, you have the he will miss you too. When a break up happens, especially if it is unexpected, we focus on the good times and all the things we will miss out on. We forget about the red flags and recurring problems and instead often look back wearing rose-colored glasses.

You Miss Him but Does He Miss You?

You Miss Him but Does He Miss You?

It is hard when you wish you could have another chance but don’t think you ever will. Things with your ex might not be what they seem. Sure, you may be hearing how they have moved on. You may see pictures of them on social media smiling and looking happy. This makes you miserable because you miss him so much and it seems like he does not miss you at all. But how do you know that he isn’t just putting on a front and that those pictures are how he really feels? You would be surprised how often, out of the blue, an ex you thought had moved on comes back into the picture.

It is ok to miss your ex, but it is not ok to dwell on that. Dwelling on that not only keeps you from moving forward, it keeps you in a state of depression. You don’t get anything by self sabotaging yourself. Your ex is not going to come back out of pity. The universe isn’t going to take pity on you and bring them back either. You have to find a way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and find a way to keep on the path to closure.

Almost everyone on earth has gone through a breakup, and some are worse than others. You can survive it, just like everyone else has. It takes time, and it is painful, but you deserve another chance at happiness, and you will find it, with someone new, or your ex if they come back. It may seem like an impossible task, and you may feel your life is meaningless without your ex. You have to stay strong, and you have to take it day by day.

You may believe your ex will never return, but you don’t know for sure. Don’t put yourself through all of that if you don’t need to. No one should hold on to false hope, but unless you know for sure, don’t just assume. Your ex may miss you as much as you miss him. They may have other reasons, rather than not just wanting to get back with you, for not coming back right away. Give them the time they need to work on themselves, and use that time to work on yourself. He may come back with a greater sense of clarity about his feelings for you and the future of your relationship.

There are millions of couples that have broken up and gotten back together. Not all of them got back together right away either. Time is not necessarily a factor in determining if a couple will try again. So remember, when you find yourself missing him, he may also be missing you too.

Will He Try to Win You Back?

  • Posted on April 1, 2016 at 3:57 am
getting back together

Will he try to win you back? You didn’t want to have to end your relationship, but the time had come. You couldn’t take it anymore, and called the relationship off. Now you can’t help but wonder if they will try to win you back. You don’t want the relationship…

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

  • Posted on June 1, 2013 at 10:09 am

You may have lost your ex but now regret it and ask yourself “Can I win him back?” Love psychic readings can help if you have an argument or suffer a break-up with your guy. You may want to get back together and he is resisting. He may not be ready to forgive you, if you did something to cause the break up. He may be telling you it is over and that he wants to move on. When you first suffer a break up the first though is, can I win him back? Love psychic readings will reveal if he is lying and if he does, in fact, want to get back together. Love psychic readings will  be able to tell you if you are lying to yourself, in denial and that there is no chance to win him back and to focus on getting closure instead.

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

You may be just friends with benefits now, and are hoping that is a good sign that you will get back together. He may have even alluded to the fact that you will. Is this a good idea and a way to win him back or is he just using you for sex? Love psychic readings will tell you if this is just going to keep you stuck as friends with benefits, or if this will get you back together.

What if he had an affair and left you to be with his mistress? You may think you can use the children, guilt, finances,sex, or many other things to win him back from her. Love psychic readings will tell you if any of these tactics will work, or if they will only make him get closer to his mistress.

What if you are the mistress and he decided to give his marriage another chance? What if you ended the affair because you were tired of being second choice and wanted to be first in his life? Love psychic readings will tell you if there is any way to win him back, and what the best ways to do that are.

You may have had a whirlwind courtship with someone you recently met and over something silly you broke up. You cannot believe it ended when things were going so well and you wonder if you can change his mind and win him back. Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can tell you if this was a real break up, or just a fight that needs time to cool down.

And what is the best way to win them back? You may think you know the best tactics you can use to attempt to win them back but they may actually push him further away! During your love psychic readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise you will learn what you should and should not do to win him back as fast as possible. You may want to do certain things to win him back, but are they more about your fear, your frustration and your insecurity or the logical steps to take? What may work to win you back may not be what works best to bring your ex back. Love psychic readings will reveal what your ex is thinking and feeling, and how your attempts to win them back will make them think and feel about you. When it comes to love and relationships, it is hard to tell when your emotions are ruling your mind what your best strategy should be. Love psychic readings will help you decide before you make the wrong move.
You could be involved in a long distance relationship and be unable to show up at his door step or know for sure if he is seeing someone. Long distance relationships have their own unique issues and obstacles when it comes to winning him back. A love psychic will be able to see things that you cannot possibly know. You do not want to be wasting your time plotting and planning how you will win him back and worrying if you can. He may already be dating and interested in someone else, and you would be wasting all that time and energy because you cannot win him back.

Love psychic readings will be able to tell you if you can win him back from his ex. He may have told you he would never go back with her but he did. You know their relationship was horrible, and think it should be easy to win him back if you just hang in there. Love psychic readers will tell you if they will work it out or not, and if he will ever leave you again for his ex. You do not want to be a rebound relationship, and need to know ahead of time if that is the case and a love psychic reading can tell you for sure.


He Went Back To His Ex: Will He Come Back To You?

  • Posted on May 30, 2013 at 1:43 pm

He went back to his ex and you cannot believe this is happening. He swore to you he was over his ex and said it over and over again. He told you how horrible his ex was and how miserable he was. He said he would be crazy to give his ex another chance after how bad she hurt him. He seemed so happy with you, and told you how amazing you are. Then suddenly, out of no where, he went back to his ex!! You were shocked and heartbroken all at the same time! WHY did he do it? Love psychic readings by phone or chat can tell you why he went back to his ex, and if he knew all along that he most likely would. Do not feel sorry for him just yet.

Do not think that he is under her spell or that she “did something” to get him back. He did not go back to his ex because of magic,spells or voodoo. A love psychic reading will show if she manipulated him or played a game to get him back, but it will also show if he was just using you and knew he was not over her. He may have used you to get her to jealous. He may seem like a nice guy, but was he really? A love psychic reading can tell you if he was playing games with you, or if he meant everything he said when he was with you.

He went back to his ex but will he come back to YOU?

He went back to his ex but will he come back to YOU?

A love psychic reading will tell you how he and his ex are getting along now, and if there reconciliation is even going to last. A love psychic reading will also show what he will do if he and his ex break up again. He could wind up back on your doorstep sooner than you think. What will you do then? Sure, you are furious and hurt right now, but you really loved and cared about him. A love psychic reading online will show if you will give him a chance, and if you should give him a chance. He may do this again, and you need to know beforehand so you are not blind sided again. You may be thinking he is crazy for taking her back after how much she hurt him, but won’t you be doing the same thing if you take him back? Are you crazy too?

You may want to know why he went back to her. It will show if he really does love her, or if he did it to get closure. You may give him a chance because you really love him, but that may not be the same reason he gave his ex another chance. Love psychic readings can show you if his ex will try again to get him back after they break up again. You may think he went back to his ex because he loves her more than he loves you. That is not always true, and a love psychic readings by phone or chat can see which one of you he has deeper feelings for, and if he is regretting ending things with you and feeling guilty about it.

Love psychic readings can help you to find out what kind of drama he and his ex are now involved in, and if he has thought of you since the break up. You may wonder how long it will take for he and his ex to break up, or if they will. Love psychic readings by phone will tell you if and when this dysfunctional couple will call it quits, and if he is going to come in your direction. You may want to know if he has learned his lesson, or if he is going to repeat this crazy pattern. Why not give Lady Sarah and Sophia a call and get love psychic readings and find out what the future hold for him and his ex, and you as well?

Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

  • Posted on May 25, 2013 at 2:24 pm
Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

You can’t get your ex out of your mind and you wonder “Does He Miss Me too?” You cannot stop thinking about him since your relationship ended and there is so much about your ex that you miss. You Keep thinking how good things were at one time, and wonder…

Will We Get Back Together?

  • Posted on October 16, 2012 at 5:54 pm
getting back together

“Will we get back together” is right up there with the top two questions we are asked. A psychic relationship reading really is the best way to find out what will come of your break up, and if you will get back together. You may both move on to new relationships…

Are You in Denial Regarding your Relationship?

  • Posted on October 12, 2012 at 11:21 am

Are You in Denial?

Are You in Denial? Get Clarity with a Psychic Love Reading

Are you being honest with yourself regarding your relationship and the one you love or are you in denial? A psychic love reading can help you see your relationship clearly, for what it is, and help you face reality. It is time to open your eyes so you can move forward and be productive, rather that allowing denial to keep you stuck.

Are you in an affair thinking he will divorce someday? Has he told you he would never leave her but you believe one day he will? Are you right, or are you in denial?  Love psychics are neutral parties who will tell you truthfully if what you believe is correct, or if you are in denial.

Have you broken up as a couple but you believe you and your ex have a chance to get back together? Has your ex told you they have no interest in getting back together but you still think there is a chance? A psychic love reading will tell you if there is a chance for you and your ex to get back together and reunite, or if it is time for you to move on and get closure. If you are in denial you will never get closure because you are not willing to let it go.

Are you involved in an internet romance that has fizzled? Have they run hot and cold with you or dropped out of sight? Are you in denial thinking things will pick back up again? Psychic love readings will tell you if you need to let go of this internet romance and find another one, or if there is good reason for their behavior.

Are you thinking about your ex, or someone you love that you have not seen in a while? Are you convinced they must be thinking of you too? They could be, but you don’t know for certain. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are two of the best online love psychics who will be able to tell you if your past love is having thoughts of you, or if they have moved on and you are stuck in a state of denial. The best love psychics will inform you if there are still feelings there on both sides, and if there is a chance for the two of you again in the future.

are you in denial psychic reading

Are You In Denial?

What if the one you love is not treating you right? What if they make promises they don’t keep, don’t make enough time for you, and only seem to be concerned with their needs and not yours. You need to know if the one you love also loves you and find out if you are in denial. They may love you but not treat you in a loving manner. Only the best love psychics will reveal if you have been denying the fact that your relationship is in shambles and he treats you like garbage. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can tell you if there is a way for you to get him to treat you better, or if you have to face reality that it will either stay the same or get worse.

The best love psychics can will tell you if you are in denial and focus on reality when it comes to love and relationships. An expert love psychic speaks the truth, where sometimes our hearts are in denial from the truth.

Sometimes when we are in denial and refuse to face the truth, the universe throws things in our lives to make us stand up and take notice. Quite often they are negative things, but it was the only way to get our attention. A love psychic can show you how the obstacles in your love life, career, and finances may be the universe’s way of getting you out of the state of denial so you can make the changes you need to. The best love psychics, Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah, will show you how to deal with the issues you have been avoiding. Get out of denial today and life your life to the fullest.