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Why does he treat me differently in front of his friends and family?

  • Posted on September 1, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Why does he seem to treat you on way privately, yet another way publicly? Why does he act all lovey dovey when you are alone together yet act distant when you are with his friends? Why does he only show emotion when no one else is around? Is the reason why he acts aloof when the people he is related to or friends with because he really doesn’t have true feeling for you? Why does he act different depending who is around?

The reason why he may treat you differently is because he is comfortable showing his feelings for you to only you. He may have a reputation amoung friends and family and since they have not seen this side of him before, he thinks they may make fun of him or see him differently. Just because he is willing to share his feelings with you, he may not be comfortable showing his feelings for you to others.

Why does he treat me differently in front of his friends and family?

Why does he treat me differently in front of his friends and family?

Sometimes what he does in private is just an act. The reason he treats you different is because his feelings are not real. He may be treating you a certain way to just get sexual favors from you. He may not be treating you like a girlfriend outside of the bedroom because he doesn’t plan on making you his “real girlfriend”.

So the answers to “why does he treat me differently in front of his friends and family” vary greatly. In either case, you should have a discussion with him about it. A calm discussion about it. Tell him you have noticed the differences in the way he treats you and that you were wondering why. Give him some examples if need be. If he tells you that you are imagining things, let it go. The next time he acts differently in public, gently point it out to him right there and then. He may not be aware of it, and bringing it to his attention could get him to be more consistant.

If you are wondering “Why does he treat me differently in front of his friends and family” a psychic relationship reading is a powerful tool to gain real insight. Before you fight about it, get some answers he may not be willing to share on your own with a psychic relationship reading

When will he commit to me? Will I get a Commitment?

  • Posted on May 17, 2013 at 6:42 pm
When will he commit?

When will he commit? Will I get a commitment?

When will he commit to me? When will we be in a committed relationship? Here that question so many times, on a daily basis and while we will do our best to answer it for you, first there are some things we would like you to know.

Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. When entering into a marriage contract there should be a lot of forethought, planning and discussion between the people who are getting married, after considerable time has been emotionally vested by both parties. We find that many callers believe that the ultimate goal of a relationship is marriage and to get there as quickly as possible. Just as there are no instant relationships, there are no quickie marriages either. It is a serious consideration. You are combining your lives and your assets and investing your emotions with another person ‘till death do you part’.  It is a way to enhance your relationship and deepen your commitment to each other, NOT fix  broken relationship.

When will he commit? Get him to say I do!

When will he commit? Get him to say I do!


During psychic readings we often get questions about marriage that, quite frankly, confuse the hell out of us. Here are some examples:

  • I keep running into this guy at school/the gym/McDonalds and I think he is really cute, do you think we will get married someday?
  • My girlfriend has cheated on me during our entire relationship, and I have given her an ultimatum to marry me or I am leaving her. Will she marry me?
  • My boyfriend of 3 years has drug and alcohol addictions, but I love him, and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Will we ever get married?
  • I just met a lady on the internet, and we have been instant messaging, texting, and talking on the phone for months talking about marriage. Is she the one?

Let’s start with example #1. Ok, the guy is cute, REALLY CUTE, but what are you even THINKING about marriage for when you know nothing ABOUT him? You have never even spoken to him! A better question would be “Will we ever go on a date?”. Start from the beginning, get to know the person, THEN ask us, after if you decide to get serious with this him. So often we are asked, “Could this lead to marriage?” at the very beginning and that is a very complex answer. It is your choice if you wish to marry someone, not ours. We can tell you if it would be a good marriage, but we cannot tell you who to marry, that is your free will. We can tell you if someone loves you, we can read feelings that are THERE, but 99% of us can’t say “Yeah the guy at the gym will fall madly in love with you.” Because if we tell you “yeah, he will fall madly in love with you,” and then YOU CHOOSE to call him 80 times a day, through your own free will you have sabotaged everything.

Now for example 2… So many times we are faced with situations such as this. The relationship is dysfunctional and completely out of control, yet a person believes if they marry the one they are asking us about, things will miraculously transform – like – POOF..but we are not your fairy godmothers.  Yes, things will change. For the worse. First and foremost, the cheating needs to be addressed. You need to find the answers to basic questions such as:

  • Why was there cheating in your relationship?
  • Can the cheating be stopped?
  • Can the trust be recovered?
  • Can they have a healthy relationship?

Save yourself the trouble and ask about marriage when all of those questions are answered to your satisfaction because without doing so, a cheating girlfriend WILL BECOME a cheating wife.

When will he commit to me?

When will he commit to me?

Example 3 is more common than you think and unfortunately many people believe that their love can stop a person from addictive behavior. Guess what folks? It can’t. If a person is a true addict, NOTHING and NO ONE is more important than their addiction. If it is alcohol and they are a full-blown alcoholic, they love alcohol more than you. Until their addictive behavior is under control, the relationship is a recipe for disaster. Instead of that question, the real questions should be:

  • Will they overcome their addiction?
  • What can I do so I do not enable them anymore?
  • How do I remain strong in the process and not let them take me down with them?

These questions  we ARE able to answer so that you will be able to see the truth of your situation to determine the path you wish to take for your own happiness.

Example #4 is a frequently asked question now that internet dating is so popular and accepted. But you need to MEET on the internet, and DATE in real life. Text messages, phone conversations, and letters should not replace DATES. You can’t have a relationship by text message, it is just not feasible. You have got to spend time with the person, FACE TO FACE, to see if you are compatible. In this scenario, better questions would be:

  • Does this person really want the same type of relationship I want?
  • Are they talking with or pursuing other online candidates?
  • Will distance be an issue?
  • Are they just looking for sex?

If you have a dysfunctional relationship, you will have a dysfunctional marriage. It is that simple. How many couples do you know who had turbulent dating situations who ended up marrying anyway? Of course their marriage will be turbulent as well! The problems need to be addressed BEFORE the marriage, or it only complicates the issues and makes them more volatile.

We realize so many of you out there want to be married, and we want you to be HAPPILY married. Allow us to guide your current relationship/marriage back on track so you can have the relationship and marriage you have always wanted – one that makes you happy! Psychic Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both 5-star master psychics who focus on love, romance, soulmates and relationships. If you want to know if your current romantic relationship

Psychic Relationship Life Coach

  • Posted on April 21, 2012 at 10:13 am
psychic relationship life coach

Psychic Relationship Life Coach Guides Your Relationship

A  psychic relationship life coach can help even the most dysfunctional relationship.  A life coach can offer you tools and guidance to improve your relationship, but a psychic relationship life coach can help your relationship in unique ways. Instead of blanket statements that can work for everyone, and tools and techniques that can be used by everyone, a psychic relationship life coach offers a more specialized and personalized approach to YOUR specific relationship concerns.

How can you find out exactly why the one you love does and says the things he does? A psychic relationship life coach will get to the root of what is really going on. That information can help you develop a deeper understanding of their behavior. With that knowledge your psychic relationship life coach can create a plan with you to bring about positive changes in your relationship.  We all want to be more in control of our lives and our emotions. When we have been hurt emotionally or our relationship is going through a tumultuous time, our whole life (and even our health) suffers. A psychic relationship life coach can help you take charge and set in motion the things that will create change within your relationship.

A psychic relationship life coach understands how tough your situation is, and how frustrated,angry, or depressed you may be. If it is truly time to accept defeat because positive change is not possible for your relationship, a psychic relationship life coach is there to help you on your journey to let go and reach closure.  We sometimes must give up because it is not always in our power to make a relationship work. No one can do it all, it takes two.  Before you wash your hands of your relationship, seek the advice of  psychic relationship life coaches, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. They may see solutions to problems and issues that you never thought possible. Since you have tried anything and everything to make it work, it may just need one more try with the right methods for you to have the relationship you desire and deserve.

Couples break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes couples break up and get back together when they shouldn’t. It is not healthy for a relationship to constantly and continually stop and start. It becomes a pattern within the relationship, and without the proper guidance and insight from a psychic relationship life coach, it will eventually end for good, after too much damage has been done. On again, off again relationships are dysfunctional with a capital “D”.

A psychic relationship life coach can see if commitment with a particular person is even possible. Not every man or woman will be ready at some point to make a serious commitment. You do not want to try and force a commitment only to have it blow up in your face. There may be a right time and a wrong time to push for it. You can find out from a psychic relationship life coach when the right time to ask for a commitment is, and if they will honor that commitment. What good is getting a commitment if the person giving it does not take it seriously? A psychic relationship life coach can also reveal to you why it has taken this long for you to get a commitment in the first place.

You may want to know the best way to deal with an ex. Your ex may be constantly on your mind, or may have popped back into your life out of the blue. A psychic relationship life coach can tell you why he is on your mind, what his intentions are towards you, and if he has had a change of heart. A psychic relationship life coach can see why you really broke up in the first place. You may think you know the reason, but your break up could have more layers and reasons than you are aware of. So, when it comes to dealing with the ex, a psychic relationship life coach can guide you towards closure, or reuniting with a healthier, more stable relationship this time around.

If you are involved in an affair, or the victim of an affair, a psychic life coach can offer predictions of what the future has in store for you. You may want to believe he will get a divorce, leave his marriage or girlfriend, but how can you know what is really going through his mind. Does he want to have his cake and eat it to? Are the things he is telling you about his wife or girlfriend really true? He is lying to her obviously, but is he lying to you as well? Here is where a psychic relationship life coach is better than just a life coach. With the use of psychic gifts, your session/psychic reading will reveal the truth he may be trying to hide from you. You will find out if he ever will leave, or if he is just stringing you along for selfish reasons. You will find out if you should give your husband or boyfriend a second chance after he cheated on you. Don’t you want to know if he will do it again before you give him another chance? A psychic relationship life coach can let you know if he is worth the risk you would be taking to trust him again.

A psychic relationship life coach can help you turn your current nightmare of a relationship into the relationship of your dreams.


Will Time Apart Help the Relationship? Find Out Now

  • Posted on April 14, 2012 at 1:49 pm
will time apart help the relationship psychic readings

Will Time Apart Help the Relationship

Will Time Apart Help the Relationship?

So many times people call us asking us will time apart help the relationship? Sometimes relationships need time apart to help the relationship get back on track. When things spiral out of control, sometimes it is best for the couple to separate and let things calm down a bit. When a relationship has problems and issues that are never resolved and more just keep piling up, things with only escalate. Having a simple conversation can lead to a heated argument. At times like this being together is really only leading to more fighting and doing more damage. Instead of continuing to hurt one another, it may be best for the couple to take a break.

But is time apart good for a couple? Will time apart help the relationship? First you have to look for the real reason for the break. If it has anything to do with seeing other people during that time, it is not good for the relationship. Keeping the relationship in a holding pattern while pursuing another to see if it goes anywhere is manipulative and deceitful at best.

To ensure the couple’s time apart has a benefit, the time apart must be a reasonable length of time. If the relationship had been otherwise going well and a fight came up, a few days may be all that is necessary. If it has been especially bad, then it may need several weeks of no contact. Time apart must be reasonable as well. To ask someone to wait for an indefinite period of time means you really don’t want to work things out. Too long apart can hurt the relationship, and rarely does it help.

If a couple wants to create change within their relationship, the time apart should be agreed upon by both parties. In order to change from a dysfunctional relationship to a healthy functioning one, there should be some ground rules when the couple is ready to see one another again. Simply missing him or missing her is not going to change you as a person. Thinking “If he misses me long enough he will change” is also in many cases not true either. The point of time apart is to diffuse the emotions,have time to think and calm down, and decide what changes YOU should be making, and what changes you need the one you love to make. Just spending time apart is not going to cut it.

Time apart can actually help you see if breaking up is really the right option so you can then find closure.

A psychic relationship reading will reveal if time apart help the relationship. Psychic readers will show you the best way to handle your time apart, and what you should and should not be doing. Love and relationship psychic readings will tell you what to expect when you do get back together.

Does He Love Me? Does he Love Me the way I love him?

  • Posted on March 31, 2012 at 11:00 am

Does He Love Me?

he loves me he loves me not psychic love reading

Does He Love Me?

Does He Love Me? Many time we are asked that question. Your relationship with your boyfriend or husband may have deteriorated to such a point that you no longer know how he feels. If your boyfriend or husband does not act in a loving way it may be hard for you to tell his real feelings. Instead of asking yourself “Does he love me?”, you could pick the petals of a daisy with “he loves me he loves me not” OR you could just cut to the chase and speak with a love psychic for a psychic relationship reading.

Women have a hard time reading men and being able to tell their true feelings. Why? Because it is hard for women to see things the way men do. It is hard for females to think like males. A psychic relationship reading can help you get inside your boyfriend or husbands head, and heart.  A love psychic can reveal your boyfriend or husbands thoughts, and find out what he thinks about you and your relationship.

You may be asking yourself “Does he love me?” and questioning his love for you for no good reason. He may be acting like he does not love you, but you may be over reacting and over analyzing things. Psychic relationship readings reveal his feelings about you, but also show what may be bothering him.

The man you love may be wondering if you love him also. He may be hiding his feelings because he is unsure if you love him. You may have told him many times how you feel, but he may have a hard time believing it. He may even ask you over and over if you love him. Relationship psychics give in-depth readings and can discover why he has a hard time showing you how he feels.

You may have broken up with an ex and wonder “Does he love me?”. Since you still love him, and hope to get back together with him, the first thing you want to know is “Does he love me still?” A psychic relationship reading will tell you if this break up is temporary, or if he really does want it to end for good.

He may love you right now, and he may not love you anymore. Can you get him to love you again? Instead of asking yourself or your friend or your family or a magic 8 ball “Does he love me”? get a psychic relationship reading and find out the truth. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself to put your mind at ease.

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are the best love and relationship psychics on the internet today. They have helped people from all over the world in their efforts to find the answer to the “Does he love me” question. With their expertise, experience and guidance you will be able to know what to expect from your relationship. They will guide you on how to improve it. Book a private consultation with them for a psychic relationship reading and find out how he really feels about you.

Why Aren’t You Getting What You Want? A Psychic Love Reading Will Help!

  • Posted on February 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Why aren’t you getting what you want, specifically when it comes to your romantic relationships? We have been providing psychic love reading for many years now and over time we have realized that many of you are asking the same general questions. So for those who have yet to have a psychic love reading with us, we have listed some of the best questions to ask during your psychic love reading.

Questions to ask during your Psychic Love Reading

  1. Why can’t I find my soulmate?
  2. Why won’t he give me a commitment?
  3. Why do I attract the wrong men?
  4. Why won’t he express his feelings?
  5. Why did he break up with me?
  6. Why can’t I convince him to get back together with me?
  7. Why won’t he share his thoughts and talk to me?
  8. Why won’t he take me anywhere?
  9. Why won’t he make me his girlfriend or marry me?
  10. Why does he keep making mistakes over and over?
  11. Why does he keep talking to his ex?
  12. Why doesn’t he ask me out?
  13. Why can’t I get closure?
  14. Why did he cheat on me?
  15.  Why won’t he change?
Getting what you want

Are You Getting What YOU Want in Your Relationship

As experienced love and relationships psychics we understand clients are not getting what they want or what they deserve and have the right to know why. Quite often it is your own fear getting in the way. You need to see that you are not powerless, that you do have, in many cases, the ability to create change and get what you want out of your relationship and the one you love. Quite often fear keeps you from doing what needs to be done to create that change. That is the same fear keeping the one you love from making those changes too.

We know that your fear is real. It is often our job to let you know you fear what you must overcome and that fear is holding you and your relationship back from moving forward. For so long you may have thought you were doing everything right, and tried everything possible. Are you sure? Or did you only do the things you were not afraid of doing? Have they worked? No. So now it is time to get brave.

If nothing is going to change and you cannot change it, you need to accept that. A psychic love reading gets to the bottom of your issues and fears,why you are not getting what you want and deserve, and if it is possible that you can. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will take your psychic love reading to a whole different level. As psychic relationship life coaches, we empower, not enable you. Sure, you could constantly call us and ask us if he is going to call because he goes quiet and disappears on you, and you would get a time frame and that would be that. But wouldn’t you like to see if it is possible to stop him from disappearing on you? Wouldn’t you like to solve the problem rather than put a band aid on a gunshot wound? We, as psychic love and relationship experts, want to help you help yourself. We want to help you make changes in yourself, your partner, and your relationship for the better, not dealing with the same problems over and over again. Change is hard, but we are there for you every step of the way to get you on the right path.

Emotional Cheating : Just as Bad as Physical Cheating

  • Posted on February 18, 2012 at 12:15 pm
emotional cheating as bad as physical cheating

Emotional Cheating is as Bad as Physical Cheating

Emotional cheating or affair can be just as destructive to a relationship as a physical affair. Just because sexual activity has not happened, many people think that it is not as damaging, and that their relationship can survive. Emotional cheating is just as destructive, because where a sex act can be considered purely physical, an emotional affair involves feelings and can take a longer time to get over.  People seem to think the worst thing that can happen is if the one they love has sex with someone else, but when the one they love develops feelings for someone else, that is where the trouble truly lies.

We have had many readings with thousands of clients who have been cheated on, and they say the hardest thing to deal with is the emotional devastation left as a result of emotional cheating. Most people will not end a relationship just because of sex. They will, however, end a relationship because of the feelings they have for someone else. Love and Relationship Psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, can tell you if emotional cheating of physical cheating is involved in your relationship. You may not want to hear it but you need to know the truth, so you can decide to save this relationship or walk away and get the closure you need to move on with your life.

The communication may have broken down in your relationship and the one you love may be afraid to tell you the gory details and the truth of what is really going on. He may say this person is “just a friend” and they have never crossed the line into anything physical. That may set your mind at ease, but you also need to know if there are any feelings between them of a romantic nature. If there are, it may be just a matter of time before the physical  line is crossed.

You may be having an emotional affair of your own, don’t know what the future holds for you and what you should do next. You may not have meant to develop feelings and emotions for this person, but you have. A psychic relationship reading can tell you how to untangle the mess you are in, and see the if there will be any consequences, or a happy ending.

Are We Meant to be Together?

  • Posted on October 7, 2011 at 5:07 pm

So many people have asked us the question “Are we meant to be together”, and the answer is not that simple. You may be meant to be together, but not long-term. This person may have come into your life to teach you (or for you to teach them) an important lesson. If the lesson is not learned (and sometimes even if it is) the relationship will run its course and end. You were meant to be together, but not meant to stay together.

Psychic Reading are we meant to be together

Are We Meant to Be Together?

If your relationship is a mess but you feel you and your romantic partner are meant to be together, please know that you were not meant to be in a dysfunctional relationship that makes you miserable. If you were meant to be together you were supposed to be in harmony, and have a healthy positive relationship. Just because you are not presently getting along does not mean you are not meant to be together. What that means is the two of you, because of your connection, have the ability that no one else has — to change the both of you for the better. When you change, your relationship changes.

You may think you are meant to be together, but it could simply be that the other person is being “tested” by the universe, to change their ways and be happy, or continue on a bad path and lose you. It is a shame that some people waste opportunities given by the universe, but they quite often do.

The universe would not put the two of you together to be miserable. Then why are you? That is the real question: Why are two people meant to be together making  each other miserable?”

Believe it or not, that happens more than you would think. We are not taught relationship skills, we actual pick them up from our relationships. Since those relationships failed, we picked up skills that are bad. Make sense?

Is it time to let go of your relationship or work on it. You don’t want to waste your time in a dead-end situation. You also may be deluding yourself that you are meant to be together with someone when you are not, and it is the universe’s way of testing YOU to see if you will let go of something bad so they can bring you something better.

Psychic Lady Sarah and psychic Sophia Elise can help you, through your own private psychic reading, to find out if you are meant for each other, and what you can do to make your relationship better. If you are going to be with this person, shouldn’t it be a happy time, rather than horrible? No one wants a terrible long-term relationship.

Getting Him to Commit

  • Posted on October 4, 2011 at 6:11 pm

Are you struggling with getting him to commit? Have you been with a man for a long time and still waiting for a commitment? Have you been sitting, waiting, both patiently and impatiently for him to step up to the plate and offer you the commitment you feel you have earned and deserve? Have you been dating a new man, have not yet gotten a commitment, and are worried he will never give you one? Are you trying to make getting him to commit your number one priority in this relationship? Well slow down a bit. You may be going about this the wrong way.

getting him to commit

Getting Him to Commit

Many women believe getting him to commit is something they can earn over time. Sure, that theory holds true for some men, but not all. You could be with a man for over TWENTY years and he could still not be ready, willing, or able to give you a commitment. If you are hopeful of getting him to commit and are worried you may never get that commitment, contact the love psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise.

As love psychics, they have the ability to tell you if a commitment from your man is around the corner, going to be a long wait, or is never going to happen. No one wants to put time, energy and effort into a relationship when they are never going to get what they want. A commitment helps propel a relationship forward and allow it to grow and evolve.

Getting him to commit does not necessarily mean marriage. Celebrities Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a committed relationship but are not married. You could be married, yet your partner is not honoring that commitment and is being unfaithful. Commitment means different things to different people.

We all need to seriously think about exactly what kind of commitment we need in a relationship. Is it the promise of monogamy, or marriage (or both)?  What kind of time frame to do you feel is reasonable for you to expect that commitment? Is he already committed to someone else? Obviously he doesn’t really have a commitment to you or the other woman if he has you both in his life.

Why not call love psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah and find out when HE WILL be ready to commit and what commitment means to him.

Women tend to stick it out for years, because they feel if they leave, then they wasted all that time. Unfortunately they fail to realize they could be wasting even more time because getting him to commit is never going to come. A psychic relationship reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can reveal if you should give up on a hopeless situation or stick it out.

Some women are afraid to push the envelope and demand a commitment. There is a right and a wrong way to do that. There is also a right time and place to do that as well. Let Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah guide you down the path you need to take to get the commitment you want.