When Will He Call? Our Number ‘1’ Question!

when will he call psychic reading

When will he call is one of the top questions we are most often asked. Clients who have not heard from their guy very often sit by the phone, waiting for it to ring. They try to guess when he will call, and often give him a certain amount of…

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Communication Skills are Required for Relationships to Last

Communication Skills are Required for Relationships

Poor communication is one of the top reasons relationships end. Communication skills need to be present in every relationship, especially romantic ones. The beginning of the relationship is the time to listen to your inner voice and use your speaking voice to properly verbalize your needs and agendas so that…

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Why Men Withdraw, Pull Back and Stop Calling

why men withdraw

There are many reasons why men withdraw in a relationship. It usually happens to women in relationships with men. For one reason or another, the guy ends up pulling back, withdrawing or retreating 2-4 months into their dating relationship. Things start off great, there is communication, he calls or texts,…

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