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Your Soulmate Getting Back Together Their Ex

  • Posted on May 10, 2017 at 7:56 pm
Your Soulmate Back Together Their Ex

If your soulmate gets back together with their ex, there is no doubt you will feel miserable. You check social media and see pictures of all the fun things they are doing. They are smiling, happy, and you want to cry because it is so painful to see but you…

Are You Still Stuck on Your Ex? Time to Move Forward with YOUR Life

  • Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:05 am
stuck on my ex

Are you still stuck on your ex? Are you trying as hard as you can to get over your ex but it isn’t working? Do you wish you could move on and find someone else but are having no luck? Do you wonder what your ex is doing and if they are…

Your Soul Mate’s Ex-Girlfriend

  • Posted on September 5, 2015 at 5:39 pm
Your Soul Mate's Ex-Girlfriend

A soul mate’s ex-girlfriend can be quite the problem, despite the fact that she is an ex. When you are in a relationship with a soul mate who is a runner, who do you think they run to? When a soul mate is a runner, in many cases they run…

Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

  • Posted on August 5, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

What do you do when you seem to have the perfect relationship but an ex-boyfriend keeps causing as many problems as he can think of? What do you do if you have moved on from your ex-boyfriend, but he refuses to move on from you? What should you do if…

Heartbroken Over My Ex

  • Posted on July 27, 2015 at 9:00 am

I’m heartbroken over my ex and can’t stop thinking about him/her. How can I get my ex out of my head? My ex is seeing someone else, and I am heartbroken. How can I move forward like my ex has? I am heartbroken over my ex who recently got married.…

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

  • Posted on June 1, 2013 at 10:09 am

You may have lost your ex but now regret it and ask yourself “Can I win him back?” Love psychic readings can help if you have an argument or suffer a break-up with your guy. You may want to get back together and he is resisting. He may not be ready to forgive you, if you did something to cause the break up. He may be telling you it is over and that he wants to move on. When you first suffer a break up the first though is, can I win him back? Love psychic readings will reveal if he is lying and if he does, in fact, want to get back together. Love psychic readings will  be able to tell you if you are lying to yourself, in denial and that there is no chance to win him back and to focus on getting closure instead.

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

Can I Win Him Back: Love Psychic Readings Can Help

You may be just friends with benefits now, and are hoping that is a good sign that you will get back together. He may have even alluded to the fact that you will. Is this a good idea and a way to win him back or is he just using you for sex? Love psychic readings will tell you if this is just going to keep you stuck as friends with benefits, or if this will get you back together.

What if he had an affair and left you to be with his mistress? You may think you can use the children, guilt, finances,sex, or many other things to win him back from her. Love psychic readings will tell you if any of these tactics will work, or if they will only make him get closer to his mistress.

What if you are the mistress and he decided to give his marriage another chance? What if you ended the affair because you were tired of being second choice and wanted to be first in his life? Love psychic readings will tell you if there is any way to win him back, and what the best ways to do that are.

You may have had a whirlwind courtship with someone you recently met and over something silly you broke up. You cannot believe it ended when things were going so well and you wonder if you can change his mind and win him back. Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can tell you if this was a real break up, or just a fight that needs time to cool down.

And what is the best way to win them back? You may think you know the best tactics you can use to attempt to win them back but they may actually push him further away! During your love psychic readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise you will learn what you should and should not do to win him back as fast as possible. You may want to do certain things to win him back, but are they more about your fear, your frustration and your insecurity or the logical steps to take? What may work to win you back may not be what works best to bring your ex back. Love psychic readings will reveal what your ex is thinking and feeling, and how your attempts to win them back will make them think and feel about you. When it comes to love and relationships, it is hard to tell when your emotions are ruling your mind what your best strategy should be. Love psychic readings will help you decide before you make the wrong move.
You could be involved in a long distance relationship and be unable to show up at his door step or know for sure if he is seeing someone. Long distance relationships have their own unique issues and obstacles when it comes to winning him back. A love psychic will be able to see things that you cannot possibly know. You do not want to be wasting your time plotting and planning how you will win him back and worrying if you can. He may already be dating and interested in someone else, and you would be wasting all that time and energy because you cannot win him back.

Love psychic readings will be able to tell you if you can win him back from his ex. He may have told you he would never go back with her but he did. You know their relationship was horrible, and think it should be easy to win him back if you just hang in there. Love psychic readers will tell you if they will work it out or not, and if he will ever leave you again for his ex. You do not want to be a rebound relationship, and need to know ahead of time if that is the case and a love psychic reading can tell you for sure.


Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

  • Posted on May 25, 2013 at 2:24 pm
Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

You can’t get your ex out of your mind and you wonder “Does He Miss Me too?” You cannot stop thinking about him since your relationship ended and there is so much about your ex that you miss. You Keep thinking how good things were at one time, and wonder…

Is His Ex Ruining Your Relationship or is Your Ex Ruining it?

  • Posted on May 24, 2013 at 12:36 pm

His ex or your ex can make your current relationship more trouble than one would think. Even couples that have a deep connection and love one another dearly can be torn apart by issues with either his ex or her ex. A relationship is supposed to be between two people, but sometimes an ex can make it seem like there are three people involved. Your boyfriend or husbands ex can make your life a living hell. Depending on how vindictive they are, his ex may do their best to cause as much trouble as they possibly can. Sometimes an ex just does it because they do not want to see the two of you happy, sometimes they do it because they want a second chance and are trying to break the two of you up. This works both ways, it is not always a female ex causing problems or issues.

A psychic relationship reading by phone or chat can let you know what is up his ex’s sleeve and what evil things she is planning to do next. You may think his ex is doing this to get him back, and he may disagree with you. When you feel the one you love is either defending their ex or taking their side it came make things much worse between the two of you. The ex’s whole agenda is to get in between the two of you, and they can only do that if you allow it. Often men do not see their ex’s real agendas, because their ex plays games and tries to manipulate things in an “innocent” way. Love psychic readings by phone or chat can see if their are any methods you could use to get him to see what she is really up to. The ex is trying to push your buttons, and get you and he to fight. Is she succeeding? How can you beat her (or him) at her own game? A psychic relationship reading can look inside their ex’s mind and heart, and find ways for you to be victorious instead of her. There may be ways to stop her behavior once and for all. You may be at your wits end, and a love psychic reading can help you come up with a plan to help you deal with the ex as a team, instead of against one another.

psychic relationship readings can help with his ex

psychic relationship readings can help with his ex

His ex may use the children as pawns, giving her reasons to call and text while you are trying to spend quality time together, and use them to screw up plans you have by asking him to babysit when he is not supposed to. She is not stupid, and neither are you. She knows what she is up to, and so do you. Sometimes all it takes is for you to get him to see the light, and then all her power goes away and she is put in her place. Our love psychics can help you to open his eye to her deviousness. Once he sees her for what she is, she can no longer play the same games she did before.

A psychic relationship reading can also ease your insecurity. You may be worried because they talk so much, and because he takes her calls and listens to her problems. You may feel that because he let’s her screw up your plans that she still has a hold on him and that he may still have some feelings for her. A real psychic reading by phone, text or email can see if he still has feelings for her, or if he has really moved on and loves only you. You may get angry with him because of what she does and how he handles it. This is exactly what she is hoping to achieve. A real tarot reading by phone can help you find better ways of dealing with that anger and find the best way to communicate those feelings to him in a way that makes him understand as opposed to getting defensive. A love psychic reading can reveal that he really does have feelings for her and deep down wants to be back together with his ex. This is information that although painful to receive, is best found out now, rather than later. His ex may try and turn his children, family, and friends against you, in an effort to get him to break up with you. Psychic relationship readings will reveal anyone else she is using to fit her agenda. You will know exactly who is trying to undermine your relationship.

psychic relationship readings can help with romance problems

psychic relationship readings can help with romance problems

His ex (or yours) may still want favors from him, like help with her car, handyman type work around the house, and you may feel that is inappropriate. (It is). You think she should find her own man to help her out, and leave yours alone. He may be doing it for his kids sake, and not hers. A love psychic reading by phone or chat with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise can offer you advice to come up with boundaries for his ex that you can both be satisfied with. His ex is his responsibility, you should not engage with her unless you are forced to. You may feel he is not putting her in her place so you are going to do it. That is quite often a mistake. Until his ex gets the message from HIM, not YOU, she will think HE thinks whatever she is doing is fine and dandy. He may be afraid to confront his ex, or be a more aggressive type of man. A psychic relationship reading can help you assist him in standing up to her. You may have to give him an ultimatum, or show him you mean business in another way.

Your love psychic reading will give you the insight you need into his ex, him, his children, family, friends, and offer you the tools and strategy you need to take the power away from her once and for all. Don’t let his ex ruin your day, your week, or your relationship. Get his ex (or yours) out of your business and relationship for good!

Should I Contact My Ex? or Wait for Him to Contact Me?

  • Posted on April 22, 2012 at 9:21 am

Should I Contact My Ex or Wait for Him to Contact Me?

should i contact my ex psychic reading

Should I Contact my Ex?

You may have been asking yourself  “Should I contact my ex?” and “Should I wait for my ex to contact me?” and you can’t seem to decide which is the better idea.  You may not have closure from your ex, and the relationship and love you once shared, and think contacting him would be a good idea.  So which is the better option, to contact the ex or wait for him to contact you? A psychic relationship reading can give you the right answer, rather than allow you to make the mistake of reaching out to him when has no interest in hearing from you.

For all you know, your ex may have the desire to contact you. Your ex could also be avoiding you, still angry with you, or not in a place right now where contact would be positive.  Even though you may feel the need to contact the ex, it may not be the right time to do so and a psychic love reading can take the guessing and wondering out of the equation. If you are going to make contact with an ex, there must be a reason. Have you been feeling any of the following:

1. I miss my ex and feel the need to make contact with him.

2. I want my ex back and think if I contact my ex he will come back.

3. I am afraid if I do not contact my ex he won’t come back and we won’t get back together.

4. I always have to give in to my ex and make contact, and if I don’t, I will lose him.

5. I think I need to contact my ex, because if I don’t I am afraid he will forget about me.

6. Is it better for me to contact my ex or wait for him to contact me? Should I not give in this time?

7. Should I wait for my ex to contact me or is that the wrong move?

8. I cannot get my ex off my mind and feel it may be a sign that I should contact my ex,

9. I want to contact my ex before he finds someone else.

10. I have run out of patience waiting for my ex to contact me, so maybe I should just do it and get it over with.

A psychic relationship reading will help you see what needs to be done regarding your ex, and warn you against doing things that could turn out negatively. If you want to know what your ex is thinking about you, how he feels about you, if he is missing you, and if he has been thinking about you, all these questions can be answered during your psychic reading.

You may be sad and lonely since your breakup. Dealing with the emotions that come with breaking up, even if you are the one who initiated the break-up, can be devastating. You may have tried on your own to get closure, but it keeps eluding you.  A love psychic can see if it really is time for you to put your relationship in the past in order to move forward. You may be holding on to false hope or wishful thinking, and a psychic reading will help you accept the truth. You could be worrying for no reason at all, and may not be able to get closure because the relationship and feelings are not over for the both of you.

When it comes to past relationships, we may regret those we let go of or that let go of us. We may want to reach out and contact the ex see if there is a way to get back together and give the relationship another shot. But what if your ex contacts you but did not mention anything about getting back together? Why did your ex contact you then? A love psychic reading can tell you why your ex contacted you, and what he hoped to gain by contacting you. Not every ex you hear from desires to reunite and put the relationship back together. A relationship psychic reading will tell you what, if anything, your exes intentions are for contacting you.

Psychic Relationship Life Coach

  • Posted on April 21, 2012 at 10:13 am
psychic relationship life coach

Psychic Relationship Life Coach Guides Your Relationship

A  psychic relationship life coach can help even the most dysfunctional relationship.  A life coach can offer you tools and guidance to improve your relationship, but a psychic relationship life coach can help your relationship in unique ways. Instead of blanket statements that can work for everyone, and tools and techniques that can be used by everyone, a psychic relationship life coach offers a more specialized and personalized approach to YOUR specific relationship concerns.

How can you find out exactly why the one you love does and says the things he does? A psychic relationship life coach will get to the root of what is really going on. That information can help you develop a deeper understanding of their behavior. With that knowledge your psychic relationship life coach can create a plan with you to bring about positive changes in your relationship.  We all want to be more in control of our lives and our emotions. When we have been hurt emotionally or our relationship is going through a tumultuous time, our whole life (and even our health) suffers. A psychic relationship life coach can help you take charge and set in motion the things that will create change within your relationship.

A psychic relationship life coach understands how tough your situation is, and how frustrated,angry, or depressed you may be. If it is truly time to accept defeat because positive change is not possible for your relationship, a psychic relationship life coach is there to help you on your journey to let go and reach closure.  We sometimes must give up because it is not always in our power to make a relationship work. No one can do it all, it takes two.  Before you wash your hands of your relationship, seek the advice of  psychic relationship life coaches, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. They may see solutions to problems and issues that you never thought possible. Since you have tried anything and everything to make it work, it may just need one more try with the right methods for you to have the relationship you desire and deserve.

Couples break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes couples break up and get back together when they shouldn’t. It is not healthy for a relationship to constantly and continually stop and start. It becomes a pattern within the relationship, and without the proper guidance and insight from a psychic relationship life coach, it will eventually end for good, after too much damage has been done. On again, off again relationships are dysfunctional with a capital “D”.

A psychic relationship life coach can see if commitment with a particular person is even possible. Not every man or woman will be ready at some point to make a serious commitment. You do not want to try and force a commitment only to have it blow up in your face. There may be a right time and a wrong time to push for it. You can find out from a psychic relationship life coach when the right time to ask for a commitment is, and if they will honor that commitment. What good is getting a commitment if the person giving it does not take it seriously? A psychic relationship life coach can also reveal to you why it has taken this long for you to get a commitment in the first place.

You may want to know the best way to deal with an ex. Your ex may be constantly on your mind, or may have popped back into your life out of the blue. A psychic relationship life coach can tell you why he is on your mind, what his intentions are towards you, and if he has had a change of heart. A psychic relationship life coach can see why you really broke up in the first place. You may think you know the reason, but your break up could have more layers and reasons than you are aware of. So, when it comes to dealing with the ex, a psychic relationship life coach can guide you towards closure, or reuniting with a healthier, more stable relationship this time around.

If you are involved in an affair, or the victim of an affair, a psychic life coach can offer predictions of what the future has in store for you. You may want to believe he will get a divorce, leave his marriage or girlfriend, but how can you know what is really going through his mind. Does he want to have his cake and eat it to? Are the things he is telling you about his wife or girlfriend really true? He is lying to her obviously, but is he lying to you as well? Here is where a psychic relationship life coach is better than just a life coach. With the use of psychic gifts, your session/psychic reading will reveal the truth he may be trying to hide from you. You will find out if he ever will leave, or if he is just stringing you along for selfish reasons. You will find out if you should give your husband or boyfriend a second chance after he cheated on you. Don’t you want to know if he will do it again before you give him another chance? A psychic relationship life coach can let you know if he is worth the risk you would be taking to trust him again.

A psychic relationship life coach can help you turn your current nightmare of a relationship into the relationship of your dreams.