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Relationship Instability: Take Action to Make it Stable Again

  • Posted on April 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Relationship Instability: Take Action to Make it Stable Again

Relationship instability is a problem many couples suffer from. Relationship instability, if not addressed, can lead to the ultimate devastation of a relationship. When a relationship is very unstable, it breeds insecurity, dysfunctional behavior, and tons and tons of drama. If you are in an unstable relationship, you are not really…

Angry Couples in Relationships

  • Posted on February 3, 2017 at 7:02 pm
Angry Couples in Relationships

Angry couples in relationships are at a seriously dangerous crossroads. If the couple does not find a way to become less angry at one another the relationship will only get more toxic. Too many couples, when they know one or both parties are very angry, either do nothing to help…

Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

  • Posted on September 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

What is the worst case scenarios in relationships? Some worst case scenarios in relationships can include cheating, lying, or leaving to be with someone else. The problem with focusing only on the worst case scenarios in relationships is that such a negative viewpoint can affect the relationship in a negative way. Let’s say your worst case scenarios in relationships would be someone cheating on you. this could make you paranoid, insecure, and give you trust issues. The person you are with could be the most trustworthy person on earth that would never cheat on you in a million years. Because your worst case scenario in relationships is cheating, you may never be able to really trust them. You may constantly question their every more, or even feel the need to read their emails, text messages, or check their phone without their permission. This can make the person you love very very angry. They feel that because they have given you no reason to not to trust them, you have no right invading their privacy. You, on the other hand, have let your worst case scenarios get in the way of reality. Your worst case scenarios are in your head, not necessarily in your life. If you make these worst case scenarios a part of your life, they will affect your life big time. And since they are negative, most likely the affect will be negative as well. Not a really good idea if you want to keep your relationship running smooth.


relationships worst case scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

When couples fight, one or both may let their worst case scenarios take over. Instead of just taking some time to cool down or calm down, they make things worse. Their worst case scenario could be that the person they love will end the relationship at some point. So what do they do? They make every fight go over the top and may even end the relationship themselves! They feel the other person was going to do it anyway so they took the opportunity to do it first.


This is very damaging behavior to a relationship. Fights or arguments can be resolved, and are opportunities for growth and understanding. Making each fight lead to a break up can cause a lot of damage in so many ways. Because each fight with you ends in a break up, the person you love may keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves to avoid it. This leads to a breakdown in communication. Breakdowns in communication create a ripple affect, and affect many other aspects of the relationship as well. As the communication levels shut down, intimacy could shut down, and growing apart starts. Once that happens there is a good chance the relationship will come to an end at some point. Now the worst case scenario has come true! This is just one example of how worst case scenarios can come true because we are so heavily fixated on them. If you allow your worst case scenarios to rule your mind and emotions, they often ultimately show up in your relationships. A psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you concentrate on the reality of your relationship, and how it may be possible to get your best case scenario to come true instead.

Best Case Scenarios in Relationships

  • Posted on August 29, 2014 at 12:49 pm

People tend to focus on best case scenarios in relationships. We meet someone new and begin daydream about these best case scenarios in relationships. We will date, the relationship will evolve, and eventually we will get married.

The problem with best case scenarios in relationships are they often are not what the future really has in store. Many people can fixate on their best case scenarios. They come to believe that there is always a chance they can come true. They believe as long as they hang in there, eventually the best case scenario will come to fruition. Not true.

best case relationship scenarios

Relationship: Best Case Scenarios

Just because we have an idea or expectation in our head does not mean there is even a chance the relationship can ever achieve it. You would be shocked how many people get psychic readings and get angry when their predictions contradict their best case scenarios. Some people hold on so tight to their desires and dreams of their relationship best case scenarios. They believe in them so strongly they feel it is only a matter of time before these dreams and desires come true.

A best case scenario is only one scenario. There is also a worst case scenario and any other one you can make up in your head. Any one of them could be the outcome, so don’t get so caught up in the best one that you believe it is the ONLY one. If your relationship has been dysfunctional in the past, and in the present, perhaps it is not wise to only focus on a best case scenario for this relationship in the future.

Of course relationships can improve. Some do. But others get worse and worse until eventually they fall apart. What does the future hold for a relationship? One can guess or hypothesize, or you can get a psychic reading. Psychic readings take the guesswork out, and help you deal with the reality of your relationship presently, and in the future. We would all like to have a positive future outlook when it comes to our relationships. But that simply is not realistic. You can hope for the best, and do your best, but that does not guarantee your relationship will work out for the best. There may be insights you need, warnings you need to heed, and changes you may need to make. We are not saying you should only stick with worse case scenarios when it comes to relationships. We are simply saying you need to look at all the scenarios, not just the positive ones.

Neglect in Relationships: Neglecting or Being Neglected?

  • Posted on August 23, 2014 at 8:51 am
relationships and neglect

Neglect in Relationships

If you experience neglect in relationships, the relationship will wither and die. People in relationships will put up with being neglected, but only for so long. You cannot take for granted that your relationship will continue if it is being neglected.

It is sad that so many relationships end because of neglect in relationships. It is not that the couple fell out of love or despise one another. Quite often the case may be that they simply stopped nurturing the relationship itself.


People often think that once they have a relationship, it’s the end of the road. They won the prize, they have what they worked towards getting, and can now kick back and relax. This is where neglect can first begin. Our tone of voice no longer needs to be kind, we no longer need to be on our best behavior or look our best. We stop putting forth and effort because we already feel we have what we wanted, so there is no need to pursue what we wanted.


relationships dealing with neglect

Do You Feel Neglected in Your Relationship?

Neglect in relationships often begins by neglecting the words, behaviors and actions that helped up get our relationship going in the first place is a really bad idea. Those kind words, behaviors, and actions are what will help us keep the relationship. When we stop those words, behaviors and actions our partner may wind up feeling they are being neglected. They want things back the way they used to be, and no longer feel you are the same person you once were. They also may start thinking that you no longer feel the same way about them. This makes perfect sense to them. If you felt the same about them, they why are you neglecting them?


Neglect in relationships, like stated perviously, does not always mean the feelings have changed or that the person no longer wants the relationship to continue. Sometimes though, it does. When someone neglects you and your feelings, it could be that they no longer value you or the relationship. If you both allow this neglect to continue, it usually only gets worse. Over time, they value both you and the relationship less and less. It is often the case that they then find themselves attracted to someone else they feel is of more value. As you can see, neglect can lead to the demise of a relationship.


If you have been neglecting someone you love and are just being lazy, you could be in for a rude awakening. No one likes to feel they are being neglected. The one you love may have already let you know that they feel they are being neglected and you didn’t take them seriously and make changes. After a while, the person being neglected will believe you do not value them. They may wind up looking outside the relationship or may be open to someone outside the relationship who will value them. Then it can be too late for you. You may have had no intention of losing the relationship, but your neglect set it in motion. If you have been dealing with neglect in your relationship, contact Sophia Elise and lady Sarah for the guidance you seek.

He Does Not Trust Me: How Can You Get Him To Trust You?

  • Posted on September 15, 2013 at 1:19 pm

You may be thinking to yourself “He doesn’t trust me, what should I do”? Since you do not want trust to be an issue in your relationship, so you feel it is up to you to earn his trust. But what if the one you love is unable to trust you no matter what you do? What if no matter how long you are with them, you never earn his trust in you? How can you get him to trust you, especially if he doesn’t trust woman? Well the first thing you must realize is many people do not give their trust to people right away. Trust is not always given up front, some people make you earn it. It is actually the smarter path to make others earn your trust so you know they deserve it. It also helps to keep you from putting your trust in those that do not deserve it.

He Doesn't Trust Me: How Can You Get Him To Trust You?

He Doesn’t Trust Me: How Can You Get Him To Trust You?

So what do you do if the one you love doesn’t trust you? Address the reasons you are not being given trust. Is it because someone betrayed their trust in the past? Did someone hurt them, lie to them, or cheat on them? Did they have bad experiences with friends and family and are wary of giving their trust away? If that is the case, that their upbringing or past relationship keep them from trusting you, then the problem is theirs to solve. Although you are affected (and so is the relationship) you cannot fix in trust issue in someone else that other people are at fault for. It is not your place, job, or responsibility. It is up to them to get over their past so they can have a future with you. So, stop trying, and let them know you are going to stop trying. Let them know the problem is theirs, and that you will support them, but the problem is theirs to fix, not yours. You will be as patient and understanding as you can, but you will not allow them to punish you for a past you had no part of.

If the reason for their lack of trust in you is because of your behavior towards them or the relationship, then the job is yours. This will be a full time job. You broke it, you have to pay for it. And be prepared to pay for quite some time. The time it takes to earn BACK trust is a lot longer that just earning trust when someone first meets you. Don’t get impatient, that will only backfire. However, if the person is taking years and years to even begin to trust you again, you may have to accept they may never trust you again. It is hard when someone does not trust you and your every move, motive and word is in question.

If you are having a problem and cannot seem to get him to trust you, a love psychic reading may help you see inside your partner and see if it is something you can and will accomplish at some point. If your partner is too damaged or has no intention of letting go of or fixing their trust issue, love psychic readings can reveal that as well.

Narcissists – Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

  • Posted on August 25, 2013 at 10:55 am

We have all become familiar with  narcissists or at least we think we have. But how can you be sure you are with a narcissist? How do people deal with being in a relationship with narcissists? Is there any hope for good relationships with narcissists or are the doomed to fail? How can you seperate narcissists from people with high self esteem? Since we all have egos, how can you tell if people have big egos sometimes or if they truly are narcissists? When people are in relationships with narcissists they often feel like they are in a relationship all by themselves or the only one putting or doing the heavy lifting in the relationship. These relationships are truly centered on fear.

If you are afraid to express your thoughts, feelings and opinions because of the repercusions, you may be in a relationship with a narcissist. When relationships with narcissists begin, you feel as though you have been swept away in a tornado. They make you feel like a princess, they do everything possible to make you feel as if you could do no wrong. He chased and pursued you and pulled out all the stops. He made you believe you had finally found someone who knows how to treat a lady. Once he has won you however, it is not longer that you can do no wrong, but that now you cannot seem to do a single thing right.  When at first your relationship was about you and how you felt and making you happy, a shift has now taken place. Now it is you that must revolve your entire world around his every thought, whim, feeling and need. You say to yourself “Well, I will just be extra cautious and as long as I don’t do anything wrong he wont get upset. Wrong. A narcissits can get upset, VERY upset at any little thing. You may try walking on eggshells with narcissists, but you will still wind up stepping on their landmines because they are everywhere.

Narcissists - Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

Narcissists – Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

To the outside world and everyone else they come in contact with they are charming, friendly, wonderful upstanding citizens. Behind closed doors, and with you alone they are someone else. Because they are so good at their public persona, people will have a hard time believing narcissists are different in private. Quite often narcissists come out looking like the good guy at your expense.

Some ways to spot narcissists are:

  • It is always about them, never about you.
  • They constantly need to be the center of attention, in a good way or a bad way.
  • They always make you feel insecure and that you are not good enough. They blame you for everything and take zero responsibility for anything they do.
  • They feel the need to punish you severely for anything they consider “wrong”. They will never accept any punishment and remorse for anything they do wrong, because they are never wrong. If they are, it is only because of you and your fault anyway.
  • Their problems are astronimical, yours do not count.
  • They make all the decisions for the both of you. You don’t have a vote. This is not a democracy but a facist dictatorship.
  • You cannot depend on narcissists, but narcissits must be able to depend on YOU.
    So you can you anything to change narcissists? Not really. The change must come from them and they think nothing is wrong with them. If you would like to know if the one you love is truly a narcissist and if it is time to let go, contact Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise for a psychic relationship reading. Relationships with narcissists can make you feel crazy and doubt yourself immensely, but with these two ladies you can finally see the truth about your situation.

Holding Grudges Keeps Your Relationship From Growing

  • Posted on August 4, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Holding grudges keeps your relationship from growing and evolving in a positive way. When you hold a grudge, you allow bitterness, resentment and anger to become a permanent part of your relationship. You cannot move forward because holding grudges keep your relationship at a standstill. Someone who holds grudges usually tends to be a very unhappy person. The nasty emotional baggage a grudge creates can travel with you on your entire life’s journey. There is a quote that talks about how holding a grudge affects the person holding it, not the person they are holding it against. Since holding grudges produces only negative affects, why are so many people holding grudges instead of forgiving and letting go? You cannot find inner peace if you are holding  grudges, so it is in your best interest to find a way to forgive and move on. You do not have to forget, but you do have to forgive.

When you forgive, and stop holding a grudge, it takes away all the negative power it possessed over you. When you are no longer conscious thinking of that grudge or putting any energy into it, it frees you up to embrace the positive things in your life instead. If you are holding a grudge against someone, you are also holding it against yourself because you carry the weight of it with you, not them. You do not have to develop amnesia and forget what the person did or said to you. You just have to let that hurt heal, so it no longer hurts you as badly. That first step to healing comes from forgiveness. By forgiving someone you are not saying what they did or said is ok, or forgotten, and you do not have to have them in your life. You forgive them for what they have done or said, that doesn’t mean that what they did is no longer wrong.

Holding Grudges Keeps Your Relationship From Growing

Holding Grudges Keeps Your Relationship From Growing

When you are holding grudges it is like reliving that past hurt over and over again. The pain or anger you felt when it first happened can be the same exact level decades later. If it hurt so bad and caused you to get so upset the first time, why do you want to feel that pain everyday of your life? The person that did this to you is not suffering daily, so why should you? You were the victim when it first happened. If you take to holding grudges, you choose the be the victim of this past crime for as long as you hold the grudge. So why would you allow someone the power to make you feel victimized and affect your future happiness. Take your power back instead and put it to creating a better future for yourself. The best revenge is to live a happy life, so don’t let holding grudges make you miserable.

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Relationship Mistakes: Making too Many Mistakes in Your Relationship?

  • Posted on June 16, 2013 at 3:48 pm

No one wants to make mistakes in a new relationship. We all hope for the best and take our chances with our hearts. A great way to better your chances is to avoid some of the top common relationship mistakes such as:

Being too needy/clingy. If you call him or her constantly and expect them to talk to you each and every time they may think you are too high maintenance. This is a big mistake many people make in relationships. Don’t expect them to drop their entire life and re-arrange it for you. Of course in the beginning they may drop everything and make time for you but then they have to fit you into their real life. If you immediately show them that what they has to offer is not enough, they will give up and let you go.

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them


Talking way to much about your ex or comparing him/her to your ex. Getting some insight into your previous relationship may be helpful or interesting at first, but if you ramble on and on they may view you as bitter or not over your ex. When they see what they consider a “red flag” they may begin to distance themselves from you. Everyone wants to be recognized as an individual, and being compared to someone else like an ex (especially when a fight is going on) is annoying and insulting. Going on and on about your ex is a very big mistake and should be avoided at all costs.


Becoming intimate or saying I love you too soon. When you become intimate with someone too soon they cannot help but wonder if that is your M.O. Do you sleep with everyone right away? Becoming intimate with someone too soon can also put you in the “booty call” category without your knowing it. Once in that category, it is very hard to get out of it. Although we all want to be loved, we know we can only be truly loved when someone really knows us. If those words are said to quickly, they have little value because the person hearing those words wonders if you really mean it. Are you saying what they think you want to hear? How can they love you if they don’t really know you? It may also scare someone into thinking you are moving way to fast. It is a big mistake to say or do serious things if your relationship hasn’t had the time to get serious.

Constant complaining. You think they work to much. They spend too much time with their friends and family. You don’t like his friend Joe. Well, guess what? Those are all a part of THEIR life, so they feel you are criticizing their LIFE. How can you fit into their life if you seem to like no part of it? Then they wonder if they would have to change everything in their life to make you happy. Rather than do that, they let YOU go.


Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong and why your relationships either never get off the ground or end in disaster? Have you met some really great people that you thought were relationship material yet the whole thing fell apart? Do you wonder what relationship mistakes you may be making? A psychic life coach can pinpoint where your relationship mistakes occurred. Your psychic life coach can show you what behaviors are preventing you from holding onto relationships. Why keep making the same relationship mistakes when you can make some simple changes to get what it is you want? Call one of our gifted compassionate psychic life coaches and let them help you stop making relationship mistakes right away before another one gets away!


Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

  • Posted on June 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Is your relationship out of control due to controlling behavior? Does the man or woman in your life feel the need to take your decisions out of your hands? Do they constantly give you advice that you didn’t ask for and then get mad at you if you didn’t take it? Do they have to plan everything down to the minutest detail leaving no room for anything spontaneous? Do they feel the need to tell you (actually INSIST is more like it) how you should dress, eat and think? Do they want you to do things only after you have spoken to them first and gotten their approval? Do they get mad at you when you make decisions without consulting them first?


Does the man or woman in your life refuse to accept the word “no” from you and will go on and on and on until they break you down so you finally say yes? Are you no longer allowed to do anything by yourself? Has spending time alone with your friends and family become “not allowed”? Have they distanced themselves (and you) from YOUR family and YOUR friends but you can spend plenty of time with THEIR family and friends? Have they caused riffs between you and your friends and family?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?


Does it seem like no one in your life can get along with them or meet their approval? Have you been doing less and less of the things YOU like but doing more and more of what THEY like? Have they forgotten to even say please and thank you to you anymore? Do they give you the third degree about what YOU do when they arent around but give little or no details about what THEY do when they aren’t with you? Do they make you feel like part of a team when actually they are the boss?


All these are signs of a relationship where you are being controlled. People that love you do not control you. It’s as simple as that. Of course they will say they only want what is best for you and are the only one who really cares enough to look out for you. They make you feel as if you owe them thanks (and whatever else) for loving you THAT MUCH that they have taken over every aspect of your life. What they are really doing is insulting you.


You were able to live, be happy, have hobbies, likes and dislikes, form opinions, and establish relationships with friends and family before they came along. What they are saying to you is that you did EVERYTHING wrong before they showed up and now are going to fix it THEIR WAY. Eventually everyone being controlled realizes it isn’t based on love but power and insecurity, selfishness or perfectionism.


Can a controlling relationship be changed where each member of the couple has equal say? A psychic love and relationship reading can show you if this is possible, and more. Your love psychic can give you the validation that you are being controlled, because many people don’t even know they are being controlled. Your psychic relationship reading can help you find the steps to take to balance the control in your relationship so it all isn’t one-sided, but equal. Your psychic relationship reading may also show that this relationship is not salvageable either. Only by getting your own personal psychic reading can you find out how to change your life from being under someones thumb to standing on your own two feet with all of your power back. The person trying to control you won’t change, what they are doing is working for them in the little world they are creating for the two of you. If you want to be an equal partner in your relationship some things are going to have to change, and your love psychic can show you what, and how.