Are We Meant to be Together?

So many people have asked us the question “Are we meant to be together”, and the answer is not that simple. Relationships happen in our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime. You may be meant to be together, but not long-term. This person may have come into your life to teach you, or for you to teach them, an important lesson. If the lesson is not learned, and sometimes even if it is, the relationship will run its course and end. You were meant to be together, but not meant to stay together.

Are We Meant to be Together?

Are We Meant to be Together?

If your relationship is a mess but you feel you and your romantic partner are meant to be together, please know that you were not meant to be in a dysfunctional relationship that makes you miserable. If you were meant to be together you are supposed to be in harmony, and have a healthy positive relationship.

Just because you are not presently getting along does not mean you are not meant to be together. What that means is the two of you, because of your connection, have the ability that no one else has — to change both of you for the better. When you change, your relationship changes.

You may think you are meant to be together, but it could simply be that the other person is being “tested” by the universe, to change their ways and be happy, or continue on a bad path and lose you. It is a shame that some people waste opportunities given by the universe, but they quite often do.

The universe would not put the two of you together to be miserable. Then why are you? That is the real question: Why are two people meant to be together making each other miserable? Believe it or not, that happens more than you would think. We are not taught relationship skills, we actual pick them up from our relationships. Since those relationships failed, we picked up skills that are bad. Make sense?

Is it time to let go of your relationship or work on it. You don’t want to waste your time in a dead-end situation. You also may be deluding yourself that you are meant to be together with someone when you are not, and it is the universe’s way of testing YOU to see if you will let go of something bad so they can bring you something better.

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  1. I have contacted many of people about my relationship issue and no one has ever given me a direct answer. Most of them are misleading. This is my situation: My significant other says he’s doesn’t want to get re-married, but the feelings that we have for each other are mutual. My question is-are meant for each other,should I continue being just his friend or move on?

    • A friend referred me to your blog.This post was just so perfect and very true. I shared it with a few friends and coworkers and they also agreed. Its not by choice but by chance that you fall in love, but its by choice and not by chance that you fall out of love

  2. Keith m. Donaldson

    To: Lady Sarah

    I just got into a relationship distant relationship and im not sure about it anymore we have known each other for 4-5 months now, so please I need to know if I should stay or let her go, so I need your help please. Thank you

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