Having Problems with His Ex?

When a relationship is over, there should be closure and a set of new boundaries placed. But what if your boyfriend or husbands ex keeps crossing those boundaries? Is your boyfriend, or husband, enabling his ex to make your life a living hell? When will they learn to respect your life together? Will they ever? Are their things you or your husband/boyfriend could do (or stop doing) to put them in their rightful place?

having problems with his ex

Having Problems With His Ex?

You may also be wondering, or unaware of the fact that his ex might have an agenda. The ex may want your husband or boyfriend back, and the both of you fighting about the ex is playing right into their hands. And if he still has any type of feelings for her, or is still in love with her in some way, this could spell DOOM for your relationship.

The ex may not even want him back, but just wants to see him unhappy with you. Your boyfriend or husband may think everything the ex is doing is innocent, and may feel his way of handling his ex is the right way. The thing is, he didn’t know how to handle his ex when they were together, otherwise the relationship might not have ended.

The two of you should not be fighting about the ex, but should come up with a plan on how to deal with the ex. You need to determine together if there is a better way to communicate your frustrations, anger, and insecurity regarding the ex without causing a fight between you and your husband or boyfriend.

There may be nothing that can be done, and you need to accept that. Better to find out now what you are dealing with, so you know how best to deal with his ex.¬†What you have been doing isn’t working, so isn’t it time to try something else? Don’t wait around for the ex to suddenly change their ways, people don’t always change. Make those changes for her. Love psychics Sarah and Sophia can help you find ways, if there are any, to get the ex out of your lives so you can live yours in peace.


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