Did You Lose Your Mind in Your Relationship?

Did You Lose Your Mind in Your Relationship?

Did You Lose Your Mind in Your Relationship?

Did you lose your mind in your relationship? Has the one you love told you they cannot take your drama anymore? Did you lose your mind after a minor fight only to create an epic problems because of what you did? Did you lose your mind and make everything worse because you couldn’t control yourself or your emotions? Did you lose your mind in your relationship and now your partners friends and family have distanced themselves from you or don’t like you? Have your behaviors and actions given you a label by the one you love such as “drama queen” or “psycho”?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it is time you no longer allow yourself to lose you mind, or you are going to lose the one you love. You can’t expect a calm, rational person to be happy in a relationship with someone who continues to lose their mind all the time. Sure, you can be an emotional person at times, we all do. What you can’t do is to allow your emotions to continually get out of control. The damage is being done, don’t kid yourself. Even if your partner keeps forgiving you, and telling you things are okay between you, the cracks are there. Eventually they will have had enough, and will seek to end the relationship before they lose their own mind. Unless you are purposely setting out to destroy your relationship for good, it’s time you reined yourself in, and fast, before it is too late.

Don’t think your excuses are going to be your get out of jail free card forever. Whatever argument you have been using in your defense of your irrational, melodramatic behavior is going to fall on deaf ears at some point. So before your partner reaches the point of no return with you, it’s time to stop making excuses.

Did You Lose Your Mind in Your Relationship?Your emotions need to be more controlled. If you need professional help, then seek it out. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t just promise to change, put things in line that will help create change. You need to find another way of handling yourself when your emotions get out of line. Consciously do something different. Take a hard look at how you behave when you lose your mind. Do you spew curses and ugly words at the one you love? If so, then when you feel that trigger being pulled, give your phone to someone else and tell them not to return it to you until you have calmed down. Vent your emotions alone. Leave the house and go scream in the car. Stop threatening to end the relationship when you are upset because it damages your relationships foundation every time you do that. Wait until you mean it, then do it, or don’t do it at all.

Put a stop to any social media acting out. Acting out on social media is not empowering, it is embarrassing. Your relationship status shouldn’t change as a way of you striking out because you are hurt or angry. Stop acting like a child and keep your private life private and deal with it like an adult. Stop being overly¬†clingy and needy. If you haven’t heard from the one you love, don’t jump the gun and text them 87 times. A secure person would just think “They must be busy” and go about their day. A secure person also doesn’t need to be in contact with their loved one all freaking day. They respect their loved ones job and the fact that they cannot be there for them 24/7. Focus more on behaving like an adult, and your relationship will experience a shift in a better direction going forward.

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