Love and Destiny

Destiny can play a part in meeting someone we come to love. Without the intervention of destiny, we may never meet someone who becomes an important part of our lives. The timing of that meeting, where it was and when and how it happened, makes us actually believe in destiny. Otherwise, that person may never have come into our lives any other way. Since destiny had a hand in it, this person must be the right one for us, right? Not so fast.

Love and Destiny

Love and Destiny

Although we may want that to be true, it may not be. Just because destiny played a part in it, does not mean the outcome will be positive. Some people have been at the right place at the right time and things turned out great. For others, it turned out horribly wrong. They look back and feel they were at the wrong place at the wrong time and met the wrong person. So why would destiny set us up to interact with the wrong person? Shouldn’t it only be to meet the right one?

It would be nice if destiny’s only plan was to hook everyone up with Mr. and Mrs. Right. Destiny’s plan may be a little more intricate and involved though. Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say Sandy was running late for work because a storm knocked out her power and her alarm clock did not work. As she was running out the door to work she dropped her coffee in the driveway so she had to stop at her local convenience store to pick up another cup. She gets to the 7-11 and their coffee machine is broken so she has to go to a store she doesn’t like. In the parking lot she almost slips and runs right into Josh. Sounds like destiny wanted these two to meet, right? Sandy thinks so.

They start a relationship, move in together, and everything goes well. For a while. Josh’s temper and selfishness are revealed and Sandy is shocked to see it. She believes she and Josh are meant to be and won’t give up on him easily. She hangs in there while Josh’s behavior gets worse and worse. Sandy still won’t let go. She keeps thinking back to how they met and believes they met for a reason. It had to be destiny. But the time finally comes when Sandy throws in the towel because she can’t take it anymore. She packs her things and moves out to a place of her own. It is there she meets her next door neighbor Mike. He is perfect for her, they fall in love and live the rest of their lives happily together. Her relationship with Josh led her to Mike. Sandy believes she was destined to meet Josh because that failed relationship led her to the right one.

We do not always know exactly why destiny brings people into our lives. We cannot always go under the assumption that the person will bring happiness into our lives. We believe everyone you meet in life you meet for a reason. Some are meant to stay, and to some we must say goodbye.

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