Love and Relationships – Is There Enough Love in YOUR Relationships?

Love and relationships should go hand in hand yet so many relationships these days just do not have enough love left in them. We think love is enough to sustain any relationships, but what if the love simply is no longer there? Love is supposed to keep us together, but many times while we try and hold it together, the love dies and then ultimately so does the relationship. What stated out as a relationship with so much promise, full of love and high hopes, now seems to be a relationship built on ties with children, ties with finances, careers, or even tied to real estate. Those are relationships not based on love, but on other things. When love dies, can it be reborn? Can the love be brought back into a relationship, and if so, how do we go about bringing it back?

Love and Relationships-is there enough love in your relationships?

Love and Relationships-is there enough love in your relationships?

Sometimes when the love goes out of our relationships it is replaced by bitterness, resentment, anger, hostility or indifference. Those emotions keep disintegrating whatever love is in the relationship until there is none left. When those emotions are present in a big way, they actually prevent love from returning to relationships. A good first step would be to address and minimize emotions such as those, kind of like weeding a garden before planting something new. When you remove the weeds from your garden, you are allowing your plants the freedom of space, and to grow without obstruction. It is the same thing with relationships. You need to start with the right foundation of emotions, free and clear of too much negativity. It may seem difficult, as those emotions may stem from the past and have been growing a long long time. Rip them out by the roots. Settle your differences and let the emotions go. Forgive, and allow yourself to heal from those past hurts. Only them can you even begin to bring love back into relationships.

What if one person keeps pouring all the love they have into their relationship, yet the other seems to be pouring nothing but negativity or indifference into it? How can love grow in that relationship? How can love sustain itself in an environment like that? It cannot, and it will not. Both parties have to contribute love to the relationship or forget it. That is equivalent to two people tending a garden and one waters the plants and fertilizes the soil yet the other poisons the plants and mows them down. The results are the same. Nothing grows. In order to love to live, grow, and evolve, it has to be a mutual project.

Can you bring love back into your relationship? Can you make the love in your relationships with friends, family, and lovers grow? A psychic love and relationship reading with Sarah and Sophia can give you tips and tools or advise you if it is time to put your efforts elsewhere.


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