Office Romance

Is there a guy at the office that has caught your eye and you are thinking about starting an office romance? Is there a man at work who keeps flirting with you? Do you wonder if this office flirtation will turn into an actual office romance? What, if anything can come of it?

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Office Romances Can be Tricky

Maybe they just like to flirt. Maybe they would love to date you, but because you work together they will never come forward and ask you out. You may be unaware of the fact that the guy from work is already involved with someone else. Perhaps the reason they have not asked you out is because they are already involved, either with a girlfriend or wife. Would they leave them for you or are they just looking for a sexual encounter, fling, or affair? You may want an office romance, where they may be interested in just a physical encounter, nothing more.

These are important questions about an office romance you may hope for or are currently involved in. Getting involved with someone at work only to have it end badly can affect not just your heart but your job. You need to know as much information as possible and find out what the projected outcome is should you enter in to a relationship with someone from the office.

What about you? Are you already involved with a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife but find your attention drawn to someone at work? Before you let your emotions and attraction lead the way, you need to think about the consequences of what this office romance could bring. Because if the office romance ends, as most of them naturally do, it can create chaos in your work environment and possibly cost you your job.



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