Realistic Expectations of Psychic Readings

Clients need to set realistic expectations of psychic readings. Many clients have never had a psychic reading and do not know what to realistically expect. If you don’t have realistic expectations of psychic readings you may find yourself very disappointed and discouraged.

Psychic readings are a tool for clients to improve areas of their life and get insight into their future and predictions of certain outcomes. Some clients do not understand that our lives are not set in stone. Your life is not 100% mapped out ahead of you. You, and everyone around you make choices and decisions every day that shape your future. Free will plays a major role.

psychic readings realistic expectations

Realistic Expectations is Psychic Readings

If you are going to have realistic expectations of psychic readings you should not ask a psychic “Who will I marry” because the psychic should simply reply “the willing person that you choose” because that is the correct answer. A better question to ask a psychic would be “Will I have the chance to marry so-and-so” and then the psychic can tell you if the chance is there NOW, and what, if anything, could affect that outcome.

Always remember, the future is not set in stone and you could alter the outcome and it is not the psychics fault, it would be yours.

To explain, let’s say a client asked if she and “Henry” could get married someday. The psychic responds to the client and says the psychic reading reveals she and henry could be married next year, providing she stops talking to her ex boyfriend. The psychic goes on to explain that Henry hates the fact that she speaks with her ex boyfriend and the fact that she does makes him angry, jealous and withdrawn. After the psychic reading, the client keeps talking to her ex boyfriend. Henry and the client keep fighting and eventually break up. She had the chance to marry Henry, but because she didn’t stop talking to her ex boyfriend, their relationship ended.

Realistic expectations of psychic readings include certain areas such as your life path and life purpose. Many clients think they should ask a psychic “what is my life path”, or “what is my calling” or “what is my life’s purpose”. This is not a case of realistic expectations. YOU are supposed to discover your life path, your calling, and your life’s purpose through your journey. A psychic is not supposed to supply that answer for you. You can ask a psychic if you are on the right path, if what you are currently doing is your calling, and if you are fulfilling your life purpose. A client asking those questions has more realistic expectations of psychic readings. They know that some answers are for the client to discover through their journey, and that the answers cannot be given, they must be learned and experienced instead. You can cheat on a test and get the answers but that does not mean you truly passed the test because you dont know why those answers are correct, and you didnt learn the information needed to come to the right answers. It is the same thing when it comes to our life purpose, life path, and our calling. Those answers come from what we have learned about ourselves.

Psychics should not give medical advice or legal advice. Many psychics put this directly on their site or listing yet people keep asking clients about legal or medical issues and then are upset when the psychics refuse to discuss certain topics. If you have realistic expectations of psychic readings you know it is illegal for psychics to give medical and legal advice and understand when they politely refuse. Clients also can get very upset, and reasonably so when they are not given positive outcomes. Clients that have realistic expectations of psychic readings know that not all psychic readings can be positive. Not every ex will come back, not every client will get a new job or promotion, and not everyone will get the answer they want. Psychics Lady Sarah and sophia elise give realistic answers, and do not surgarcoat the issues and only give the answers their psychic readings reveal, both the good and the bad

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