Are You Tired of Playing Games?

Are you tired of playing games and having games ruin your relationship? Then its time to change the rules. There are so many people who have called us for love and relationship readings who complain they are tired of playing games with their significant others. Even though the caller insists they are not playing games themselves, their romantic partner is. So guess what? If they are playing games with you, you are playing the game. You are just losing!

In order to win the game, you have to change the rules.

are you tired of game playing

Are You Tired of Playing Games?

The game continues, but you are in control because you have changed the rules. When you change the rules it puts you in the driver’s seat and the place of personal empowerment. When you do this, your romantic partner will be confused and have to change the game they are playing, but this time according to your rules.

The games people play especially in relationships seem to be endless. For example, let’s say that every time you make plans with your guy to hang out with your friends and their guys, he has some emergency with job or family that causes him to cancel. Because it is a work or family emergency, you give the appearance of being accepting on the outside, while seething on the inside. He feels as if he has gotten away with something because he used family or work as an excuse. You don’t outwardly show your disappointment or anger toward him because after all, it is family and work that is keeping him away from you. You suffer in silence and tell your friends that your guy is just so supportive of his family and such a valuable employee. But what about being a valuable boyfriend?  What about being supportive of his girlfriend? The game playing is getting tiresome.

It is time to change the way this game is being played! Perhaps if you implemented some consequences for his continued absence from your friendly gatherings? Maybe you should just ignore him for a while? The way to tackle his behavior is to change yours and that way you are sure to win next time.

Isaac Asimov said “In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate”.  We could not agree more.

If you need help in establishing the strategy of your relationship games and maneuvers, love psychics Sarah and Sophia are here to help you rewrite the rules. Give them a call to see how you can turn the strategy of your relationship around to ensure you are always the WINNER!



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