Conflicting Psychic Readings – Psychic Readings Confusing You?

People seek psychic readings when they are in need of clarity. But what happens when your psychic readings are saying different things? You wanted clarity but are now more confused than ever. You went looking for answers, but the psychics you selected gave you conflicting advice and information? Now what do you do? What often happens is clients get even more psychic readings, and in turn wind up more confused and the cycle continues. Getting too many psychic readings is never really a good idea. Of course you may not know a psychic reader you trust, and you may have to try several before you do. The mistake many clients make is wanting more readings than they actually need. Psychic readings become like a comfort food, and when worried or stressed about their situation, they seek another psychic reading. The problem with that is it can spiral out of control. All it takes is one bad reading, or one confusing psychic reading, and it can turn your world upside down. If you have psychic readers you trust, and tried someone new that told you the opposite of what your trusted psychics did, you feel like you don’t know what to believe. Now you contact your trusted readers to set you back on track. But the damage to your emotions and your state of well being is already done. It could cause you to do something to make your situation worse. You could react on that emotional upheaval and without thinking clearly make a big mistake that you could pay for dearly. There isn’t anything wrong with trying out new psychic readers, especially when your reader is not available. The one thing to remember though, is if your reader has been accurate in the past, and their predictions have come to pass, don’t freak out if a new reader tells you something different.

Conflicting Psychic Readings - Psychic Readings Confusing You?

Conflicting Psychic Readings – Psychic Readings Confusing You?

Don’t get on the psychic reading merry go round and get every psychic reading you can. Take a breather, and wait a bit before you contact a trusted psychic reader. Use that time in between to think about the conflicting psychic readings you had. Was the one that was troubling you, with the outcome you didn’t like, accurate at all? If it wasn’t, then don’t stress too much. If the psychic readings were not accurate in other details, then why worry that the prediction will be? However, if the psychic reading hit on a lot of important, not general, details that you know to be true, then you may have cause for worry. Not all accurate psychic readings are going to reveal outcomes and predictions you like. Accurate psychic readings do not always have good news. If you have been calling for psychic readings just to hear what you want to hear, then this contradicting reading may not be what you wanted to hear, but what you needed to hear.

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  1. My issue is some psychics believe there are earthbound spirits and ghosts whom won’t go on. Then there are some who say theres no ghosts and earthbound spirits and that spirits are often mistaken for ghosts. What’s with the opposite information???

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      Different people often have different views. We don’t deal with spirits or ghosts so don’t really have an answer on this

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