Are You in Denial Regarding your Relationship?

Are you in denial regarding your relationship or are you being honest with yourself? Are you unable to see your relationship clearly, for what it is, and not a fantasy that lives in your head? Are you in an affair thinking he will divorce someday? Has he told you he would never leave her but you believe one day he will because your love for him is that strong? Are you right, or are you in denial? It is time to open your eyes so you can move forward and be productive, rather that allowing denial to keep you stuck.

Are You in Denial Regarding your Relationship?

Are You in Denial Regarding your Relationship?

Have you broken up as a couple but you believe you and your ex have a chance to get back together? Has your ex told you they have no interest in getting back together but you still think there is a chance? If you are in denial you will never get closure because you are not willing to let it go.

Are you thinking about your ex, or someone you love that you have not seen in a while? Are you convinced they must be thinking of you too? They could be, but you don’t know for certain. Sarah and Sophia are two of the best love psychics who can tell you if your past love is having thoughts of you, or if they have moved on and you are stuck in a state of denial. It is better to know if there are still feelings there on both sides, and if there is a chance for the two of you again in the future.

What if the one you love is not treating you right? What if they make promises they don’t keep, don’t make enough time for you, and only seem to be concerned with their needs and not yours. You need to know if the one you love also loves you and find out if you are in denial. They may love you but not treat you in a loving manner but you hang in there hoping things will miraculously change one day. Perhaps you have been denying the fact that your relationship is in shambles and he treats you like garbage. It is time to find out if there is a way you can get him to treat you better, or if you have to face reality that it will either stay the same or get worse.

In matters of the heart, many times our hearts are in denial of the truth although our minds are able to see the reality of our relationships. Our love psychics can will tell you if you are in denial and help you focus on reality when it comes to love and relationships.

Sometimes when we are in denial and refuse to face the truth, the universe throws things in our lives to make us stand up and take notice. Quite often they are negative things, but it is the only way to get our attention. Sarah and Sophia can show you how the obstacles in your love life, career, and finances may be the universe’s way of getting you out of the state of denial so you can make the changes you need to make to live your happiest life.

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  1. Would like to know if their is a chance for me and my ex?

    • Psychic Relationship Readings

      happy to help you with this if you call either Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise to find out if you and your ex will get back together. Sarah and Sophia are love psychics and can answer all questions concerning your love and relationship issues. Call them for a psychic love reading as they don’t answer client questions on their comments section. OR listen to their radio show on CBS NEW SKY RADIO and see if you can be the caller to get a free psychic reading on the radio. Also liking them on facebook can help with free psychic readings also because they do give aways.

  2. Great article, thanks!

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