Does He Love You or is He Using You?

Does he love you or is he just using you? This seems to be a dilemma for many in relationships especially if they feel disrespected by their romantic partner.  When you love someone, you want to do nice things for them and be there for them in every way. Is the one you love is using you and taking advantage of your love for them? We will assist you in seeing the truth, no matter how hard it may be to hear.

No one wants to believe the person they love may be using them. Does the one you love appreciate the things you are doing for them and the way you treat them, or if they are manipulating your feelings of love to get what they want out of you? If you are involved in an affair you may wonder if he loves you or if he is using you for sex and the “excitement” of the affair. It’s time you learned the real deal regarding his feelings for her and his feelings for you, the complexities of emotions, and how they really think and feel about you (and anyone else).

Does He Love You or is He Using You?

Does He Love You or is He Using You?

You may always be there for him, and are available every time he needs you. But what if he is not always there for you, and not always available to you? Is he really busy, did things really come up, or is he using you? He may have loved to have been there when you needed him, or he did not care enough to help you when you needed it most.

Is he out of work and financially in a bind right now and you are helping him out? Are you worried he may be using you for money?  You may buy him expensive gifts, pay for meals, yet he seems to be cheap with his money. Is he saving for the future and being frugal now, or does he not love you enough to spend money on you but is fine with you spending yours on him?

A psychic relationship reading will indicate if you have a financial relationship or a loving one. Does he live with you but contribute nothing towards the bills? Is he getting a free ride from you and you wonder if he loves you or is just looking for a cheap place to live? You need to know if he is just trying to get back on his feet right now and plans to contribute as soon as he can. He may owe you money and you may be concerned you will never get that money back, and he may even ask for more money although he has yet to pay the other debt back. You may see him buying things for himself yet “forgetting” about the money he owes you. Will he pay you back or are you his “sugar mommy”? You need to know if you will ever see that money again.

Has he not introduced you to the people in his life? Does he not listen when you have something important to say? Do you never go anywhere and do anything? Does he come over just to be fed, have sex, or use your place to crash?

Love and relationships should not be one-sided. You may love him, but you need to find out if he feels the same way.

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