Does Your Soulmate Drive You Insane? Reclaim Your Sanity!

It is very common for a soulmate to drive you insane. With the strong connection and emotions on overdrive, it can be the breeding ground for insane behaviors. Many of our clients have come to believe their soulmate must be a fake soulmate due to the insane, chaotic drama it they must manage. It really eye-opening to see how crazy a soulmate relationship can be, especially when you were expecting a blissful, harmonious connection.


Soulmates can really test your sanity. If your soulmate is driving you insane, you need to find a way to get a grip – and fast. The roller coaster ride some soulmates take could make anyone dizzy and sick to their stomachs. Soulmate connections often come when we least expect it. So many people are out their searching for their soulmate when it really is not entirely in their power to find them. The universe often drops our soul mates into our lives at inopportune times.

Does Your Soulmate Drive You Insane?

Does Your Soulmate Drive You Insane?

That is why you hear so often from soulmates that they weren’t even looking for a relationship at that time. They did not feel the time was right. Well, the universe had other ideas, and threw your soulmate right into your lap. So even the very beginning of soulmate relationships can have a bit of chaos that has to be managed.


Because one soulmate may not be free, the relationship may not be able to progress. Waiting for your soulmate to be free to be with you can drive even the best of folks insane. If your soulmate refuses to acknowledge your soulmate connection, that can make you equally as frantic. They may either be reluctant to acknowledge the soulmate connection or not be willing to act on it. Soulmates have a history of running away from the connection, driving the other person insane in the process. So what do you do when your soul mate is driving you insane?


The first thing you need to do is to put no energy into their insane behavior. For instance, if they like to argue about nothing just stop speaking and walk away, hang up the phone or stop texting. Do not engage in insane behavior. If they won’t answer your calls or text, stop calling or texting. Take your mind off the fact that you are pissed off, or wondering what they are up to. Chances are it is what it is, insane behavior and nothing more.


Emotionally distance yourself when insane behavior comes up from your soulmate. Regardless of what they say or do, do not react emotionally. Remove yourself from the situation, and calm down. Let it go, let the emotions go, and start thinking more rationally and clearly. How would you handle this behavior if anyone on else on earth was doing this to you? Once you have that answer, you know what to do. Don’t let your soulmate keep driving you insane when in many cases you can turn it around. Someone has to do it, and if your soulmate won’t, it is up to you.
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