Has Your Relationship Been Downgraded?

Do you feel as if your relationship has been downgraded? In the beginning of your relationship things probably flowed a lot smoother between you and your romantic partner than where they are currently. Did they call  you when they said they would, get together when you agreed and spend time and energy investing both physically and emotionally in your relationship?  Now, after three, 6 or 9 months things are different and less connected between you and you feel your relationship has been downgraded. Things are different, you can feel it. And you know what? You’re right.

Has Your Relationship Been Downgraded?

Has Your Relationship Been Downgraded?

Perhaps this is just a period you are going through. Just like the ocean, there has to be an ebb and flow to everything in life. Everything can not constantly be operating at the high state of activity your relationship had in the beginning phases. Perhaps the two of you are just taking a momentary respite to reassess, readjust and balance your lives. On the other hand, perhaps your romantic partner has told you he wants to downgrade your relationship from a committed relationship to something more casual. Maybe your romantic partner has decided he does not want to date at all but wants to downgrade your relationship to a friendship status.

So now what do you do? Trying to talk to your partner about the relationship, how much it means to you, your feelings for them and questioning whether this downgraded situation will be upgraded again is not the right course of action. The best course of action you can take in this situation is to sit back, do your own thing and give them some time and space to sort themselves out. If you try to push for answers it will more than likely backfire. No amount of crying, whining, pleading or sexual suggestion will change the situation until your partner is ready to upgrade again.

A psychic relationship reading with Sarah or Sophia will allow you to see the direction of your relationship when your boyfriend or girlfriend plays the downgrade card. They will be able to tell you if your relationship will get a reboot or if it is time for YOU to upgrade to a better ‘system’. They will be able to tell you if the two of you will be zipping along together again or if its time for you to get a better model.

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