He Does Not Pay Attention to Me

He’s not paying you enough attention. You’ve spoken to him about it numerous times. You have told him that it makes you feel unloved. Yet he is still not paying you enough attention. What should you do? What will it take to finally get his attention once and for all?

If you have a boyfriend or husband that is not paying you enough attention, you have to do something about it or it will only get worse. Of course you have to check yourself and make sure you are not asking for too much of his time in the first place. You also have to not ask for attention when you know he has a huge work project going on or there is a serious illness in his family.

He is not going to have an epiphany and out of nowhere start showering you with love and affection. You are going to have to give him a wake up call. The first thing you have to do is stop talking to him about it.You have said enough. It hasn’t worked, so let’s give up the idea that your words are sinking in. Stop talking,and start doing something different.

He Does Not Pay Attention to Me

He Does Not Pay Attention to Me

So exactly what should you be doing? Well your first step would be to stop paying him so much attention. Put it back on yourself. Find a more productive use of your time instead of waiting for him to notice you.¬†Spend some time with your friends, your family, and get involved in what interests you. Make your own plans and set your own goals for yourself. You don’t have to include him in what you are doing.

Just like you noticed when he stopped paying attention to you, he will notice that you have stopped paying attention to him. That¬†will give him something to think about. Let him wonder why you aren’t begging for his attention anymore. Let him worry about what’s going on in your head instead of vice versa. Let him see how it feels for a change and see how he likes it.

Finding ways to keep yourself busy and happy also gives the relationship some time to cool off from the drama. If you have been having this lack of attention issue for a while, there is a lot of tension built up in your relationship. It may have led to bickering and nagging. Now there is time for that negativity to dissipate. Making yourself more independent can actually make you more attractive to him. Let him have the space in your relationship that he chose to take.

When he realizes it doesn’t bother you and you will spend your time elsewhere and you won’t let it affect you, he may decide he doesn’t need that much space anymore. And you may find out that you really don’t need as much attention from him as you thought you did.

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