Has Your Husband Lost Interest in You and Your Marriage?

Has your husband lost interest in you and your marriage? Have you felt your husband emotionally, physically and verbally distancing themselves from you, causing a chasm in your marriage?

If may feel your husband lost interest in your marriage,  but he may simply be finding interests outside of the marriage that don’t include you. This can make you feel left out. The more excited your husband gets about these interests the more you feel like an outsider. If your husband has taken an interest in fishing, and you don’t like to fish, they shouldn’t have to give up that simple pleasure. Couples do not have to spend all of their free time together. Spending time apart can actually help a marriage. A stronger sense of self lets you bring more to the table in a relationship. If the outside interest includes people or things that are disrespectful to the marriage that is another thing all together.

If your husband is busy spending time and money with other women, especially in a romantic or sexual sense, this can lead to the destruction of your marriage in no time. It makes sense why a woman would begin worrying that her husband lost interest in her. She then begins to wonder what it is, or who it is, that has captured his attention. She wonders what she may have said or done to cause him to lose interest. As a wife she may have been stressed out and lost interest in romance or sex as of late. She may have been too busy caught up in her own problems that by the time she handled them he already seems to have checked out.

Has Your Husband Lost Interest in You and Your Marriage?

Has Your Husband Lost Interest in You and Your Marriage?

So is the situation permanent or temporary? Can his lost interest be rekindled or is it lost forever? Has some woman taken your place in his life? Each marriage is unique, so of course there is no blanket answer that covers all. In some cases, if a wife begins to pay more attention to her husband, that is enough to spark an interest by him for her as well. But sometimes it may be a lot harder, if not impossible to get that interest back again.


Sometimes a husband may feel very hurt and betrayed that his wife pulled away, especially sexually. He may shut down emotionally and physically because he is tired of being rejected. He takes it very personally, and now is left sexually and emotionally available for someone else to take an interest in him. His bruised ego may welcome the attention. If he has already emotionally invested in someone else he may see a future with this person, which means he no longer sees one with you. Will it work out between them? Depends on each individual case. The same holds true with how each wife should handle a situation such as this.


Sometimes, out of the blue, a husband will turn into what seems like a total stranger out of nowhere. The man you married ceased to exist, and who they turned into is shocking. It may be a mid-life crisis, it may be something else all together. But the bottom line is this person is a stranger to you, and they have zero interest in your past, your present or your future together. There are many different reasons this can occur, but waiting for them to change back is a bad thing to do in almost every case. When this happens, you may feel like you are at their mercy, but you are not. Right now they are no longer the husband you thought you knew, a man who would never do this or that, is no longer present. You have to put yourself and your children  first, because he won’t.


If your husband has lost interest in you, your family, and your marriage, it is time to take action. If you let him get too emotionally far away, you may never get them back.


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