Losing Your Mind in Your Relationship? Make Logical Choices

Are you losing your mind because of your relationship?  Have you always thought of yourself as a sane, rational person yet now you can’t make sense out of your own thoughts, behaviors and actions? Have you sunk to such depth that you barely recognize yourself? Is the level of drama in your relationship so high it’s embarrassing? Are you keeping your relationships details a secret to your friends and family because you are terrified they will think you are losing your mind?

How do you regain your sanity when your love for someone makes you nuts? Losing your mind in a relationship is easy when we feel so much love for someone we allow our brain to take a back seat. Our love becomes the driving force and takes over everything. That love takes over our thoughts and actions, and the resulting emotion becomes the ruler of everything we do.

Losing Your Mind in Your Relationship

Losing Your Mind in Your Relationship

The problem with that is that it clouds our judgement. When our judgement is compromised, we make bad choices. When we continue to make choices that defy logic, we behave in ways that really make no sense. Our emotions can create stupid excuses for our thoughts and behaviors. They may even make sense to us when we are going by what we feel rather than what we think.

We normally wouldn’t advise anyone we know to do or say what we are doing. We are being controlled by out of control emotions and this craziness, to some degree, makes sense to us. We try to rationalize our fears and insecurities with the decisions we make. Fear is not what you are supposed to make your important decisions for you, your logical mind is. If you continue to make choices out of fear, losing your mind is sure to follow as a result.

In a way, you started on a path destined to make you lose your mind. You did not keep your logic and your emotions separate. You acted on emotional impulse for the crucial relationship choices you made. Is it no wonder your relationship has caused you to feel crazy? You haven’t been using your brain in the right way. If you allowed your brain to enter your internal dialogue, reminding you what you should do, your emotions are right there with its fearful propaganda to turn you the other way.

Your mind has logical, time proven reasons why you should or should not make certain decisions regarding your relationship. But then your fear steps in screaming “But if you do that, things could go horribly wrong.” Your brain should be reminding you that things are already horribly wrong. It should be telling you that your emotions created this mess and cautioning you that the only way for your relationship to change is by you changing.

Using your logical mind, you can bring about change. If you keep allowing your emotions to continually rule your relationship over logic, you will not only lose your mind but any chance of changing your relationship for the better.

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