Starting A New Relationship Before Getting Closure On Your Old One

Have you ever started a new relationship before getting closure on the one you are in? When men and women come to the realization that their relationship is going nowhere and they are feeling frustrated they do not always end their relationships right away. Since many people are afraid to end up alone or don’t want to be alone, to be on the safe side, they start a new relationship before they end the old one. This does not allow them to get closure. They may not even be seeking a new person for romance, but they seem to attract them nonetheless.

Starting A New Relationship Before Getting Closure

Starting A New Relationship Before Getting Closure

A new relationship begins to form, and they put all their energy and effort into building a new relationship, pulling it away from their old one.  Many times, when the relationship comes to an end, the other party had no idea it was coming, and take it very hard. They may even try to do anything they can to salvage the relationship, but fail to realize they don’t stand a chance, because the other person’s interest has shifted entirely to the new romance. This not only prevents the one who started the new relationship from getting closure but will definitely prevent the other party from getting closure because they will feel cheated on. They will feel their relationship never truly came to an end. They truly deserve closure to help them close the door and move on. 

As they begin to see that their efforts are going no where, their mind starts to wander. They begin to think perhaps there is someone new in the picture. The next question they come up with is: Were they seeing this person before we broke up? Now they are not just crushed by the loss of someone they love, but they feel stupid and betrayed because they may have been cheated on. The reasons they were given for the break up were missing a big chunk, which was the part where their partner has feelings for someone else.

How you handle this break up and new relationship is up to you. There is right way and a wrong way, and you sure do not want to pick the wrong way. During a psychic love reading we can guide you on exactly what to do, what not to do, and how to remain empowered, and not be a victim to this horrible scenario.

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