Signs of a Cheater: Is He Cheating?

What are the signs of a cheater? How can you really tell if someone is cheating on you? You may be unaware that the one you love is being unfaithful because you are not seeing the signs and clues they leave behind.  If you are wondering if he is cheating on you, check our list below for some tell-tale clues.

signs of a cheater

Signs of a Cheater

So many women and men have been devastated when they find out the one they love has cheated on them. Emotionally or physically, being cheated on can make your world come crashing down. Most people admit that they didn’t see it coming. They had no idea that it was going on, and that makes them feel even more foolish. So what are some signs that the one you love may be cheating on you? It’s best to know sooner rather than later, because no one wants to be the last to know.

We compiled a list that should alert you that the one you love is cheating or maybe having an affair.

Signs of a Cheater

  1. Has your sex life become non-existent? This is the first and foremost of the signs of a cheater! Has the frequency of your sexual encounters dropped dramatically? If there is no other excuse like an illness, or loss of job, that could cause depression, then you need to ask your partner about it.
  2. Another one of the signs of a cheater is their hygiene. Do they get home and immediately jump right in the shower? If they don’t work in a coal mine or in the sewer, they aren’t that filthy, so something is wrong. If this is a new behavior this can be a sure sign they are cheating on you with someone else and trying to hide it.
  3. You can’t reach a cheater by phone or text when they are cheating. Were you always able to reach them very quickly but now it takes hours, or days, to hear back from them? Do they give vague excuses about where they have been and why they did not get back to you? Do they get argumentative when you question them? If they were busy with someone else, it would make them unreachable to you, so you need to investigate further.
  4. Is your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife suddenly taking more time for grooming than they used to? If not for health reasons, you need to ask yourself why they have taken this interest in looking their best. Looking their best for whom? This can be a wake up call to you that there may be someone else in the picture, and that this is one of the signs of a cheater.
  5. Did your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife used to be a homebody, and spend most of their time with you, but now want to go out alone? Unless they are spending time with a friend who may be going through a rough time, you need to ask yourself, and them, why you cannot come along. Why the sudden need to spend time without you and with others? We all can use some time apart, but when you notice a significant difference, it is time to start asking some questions.

    signs of a cheater

    Signs of a Cheater

  6. We all act the same when we are on the phone. We have our “business way”, our ‘family way” and our “friend way” of talking. He has it, you have it, everyone has it. Is he acting a completely different way with the phone now? For instance, did he used to answer the phone without leaving the room? Does he now run to the bathroom, closet or patio when his phone rings? Why would he act like this suddenly? Because he is probably cheating, that’s why.  Did he used to leave his phone on the table or dresser but now it is a permanent fixture to his hip? Again, there is something he is hiding and you need to check it out.  A change in his phone behavior or wanting more privacy with his phone is one of the signs of a cheater, and one of the most obvious ones.
  7. Money is another area where signs of a cheater can come into play. Is he spending more money but has no tangible items to show for it? Is he hiding any receipts or bank or credit card statements from you? Cheating does cost money, and when it comes to money there is always a paper trail, so pay attention to it.
  8. You can also find signs of a cheater in his car. Did he used to leave papers, cups, fast food bags and other garbage laying all over the place? Does he want to clean out the car before you get in? Why the sudden neat freak behavior? Did he or she used to leave the car unlocked but now locks it all the time and keeps the keys with him? He is locking you out of something, and it isn’t just the car. You need to wait and let them clean out the car, then while they are asleep go and check the garbage. If they won’t throw the garbage away in your garbage can, then the red flag isn’t just waving, it is hitting you over the head.
  9. The computer is a great place to find signs of a cheater. Is your boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend or wife) spending more time on the computer? Do they act startled when you come into the room? Did they change or add passwords that were not there before? Do they act uncomfortable when you are standing close while they are online?  The computer is an easy way of cheating without even leaving the house.

These signs of a cheater do not guarantee you are being cheated on, but they are definitely signs that you need to be paying more attention to what your romantic partner is doing. Maybe you can nip it in the bud before it starts because it is just in the flirting or attraction stage.





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