Your Soulmate Getting Back Together Their Ex

If your soulmate gets back together with their ex, there is no doubt you will feel miserable. You check social media and see pictures of all the fun things they are doing. They are smiling, happy, and you want to cry because it is so painful to see but you can’t seem to stop looking.


Hasn’t your soulmate’s ex had enough chances with your guy? Why didn’t your soulmate give your relationship a chance? You were so happy together and he said about his ex was how miserable they as a couple. He even proclaimed he would never get back together with his ex. He may have made promises and swore on the bible that there was no way he would ever go back to her. You would have even bet your life he would have left you for an alien before reuniting with that bitch.

Your Soulmate Back Together Their Ex

Your Soulmate Back Together Their Ex


Well, what you thought was impossible was possible, and now your soulmate ended your relationship to return to their ex. Now what do you do? How do you handle your life when your soulmate goes back to their ex?


The first thing you need to do is delete them from all your social media accounts. There is no need for you to be to tempted (and succeed) in seeing what is going on in their lives. It is not going to help you, it is just going to torture you. Stop using excuses to keep monitoring and being friends with someone you love that left you for someone else. There is no good excuse, so knock it off. That is destructive, not constructive. And believe me, if your soulmate has any common sense they should know they don’t deserve access to your social media accounts either. So don’t worry how they will feel about it because quite frankly, you shouldn’t care. It is stupid to think that any future you and your soulmate may have is determined on whether or not you remain in contact on social media. Please, use your head, and grow up.


Just because your soulmate and their ex are back together does not mean they will stay together. There was obviously something missing in that relationship for them to have this connection with you. They can try to make it work, but haven’t they tried numerous times already? What makes you (or them) think it will work this time? Magic?


Sometimes it takes people a long time to bury a dead relationship, much less admit that the relationship is actually dead. This exercise in stupidity between your soulmate and their ex may be what finally puts their relationship to rest. Just because they are going to try does not mean they will succeed. Regardless of what happens to them, you have to find your own way, alone, to handle this situation in a way that is best for you.


Don’t let your life unravel. You don’t know yet what the future holds. So don’t live as if your fear has come to pass, it is just your imagination. Just understand your soulmate is not with you right now, and that you are going to have to be solo for at least today. So find some way of going about it day by day. Don’t prepare yourself for the future because you don’t know what the future still holds for the two of you.


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