Tired of Being Second Choice, Then Why Are You?

Second choice is a position no one aspires to. We all want to be first choice, not second choice. Have you put the one you love as number one in your life, but are lucky if they even put you as second? Do always feel you are low man on the totem pole and wish you could be top priority for once? What makes them so important and you so unimportant? Why do they come first and not you?

It could be that you are not important enough to them for whatever reason. You need to find out what that reason is and the sooner the better. If there is a way to get the one you love to make you a first choice instead of second, third, or fourth choice, a psychic love reading will reveal what you can do to make that happen.

Tired of Being Second Choice

Tired of Being Second Choice?

Is an ex getting in the way of you being first choice? Are you the woman in his life yet she is the one who always gets her way? You may worry if he still cares about his ex and has feelings for her, because you cannot understand why you are always second choice. This worrying will further drive you apart and make you feel even more insecure in your relationship.

We are proud when the one we love is a good parent. But what if the kids are getting top priority while you are overlooked? The one you love can be a good parent and yes children should come first, but adults should have some special time that is all about them. His or her ex may want them to babysit at the drop of a hat and screw up your plans so they can go have a good time.

Emergencies are one thing, free babysitting is another. Perhaps he is ex is using the children to screw up your relationship, and you can discover that with a psychic love reading. It is not the kids fault of course, and the situation has to be handled appropriately.

Love and relationships are quite tricky, and each relationship is different.  If the one you love is married, you may wonder when you will be number one instead of the husband or wife. It is very difficult to keep taking back seat to the wife or feeling you are second choice all the time.

Stop being second choice! It is time to put yourself first.

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  1. My husband is on drugs i dont even feel like he wants to be with me anymore he comes home only to shower far and few sleeps he is hanging out with the wrong crowd i love him with all my heart does he really love me and the drugs r just clouding up his head and thats why i get treated like shit he was a very ggod man hard working lovable he is very stressed out and he even lost his job i jist want to kno if he loves me and should i stay with him to help him with his drug problem

  2. So how can you help? I am passed desperate..

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