If You Want Him to Chase You, Stop Chasing Him

If you want him to chase you, what are you doing? Women have come a long way. They no longer require men to make the first move, and have gotten bolder in expressing their feelings, wants and desires. But is this always a good thing? Flirting, or leaving an opening for a man to take is one thing, but how can you expect him to make the moves or chase you, if you are chasing him?

You Want Him to Chase You

You Want Him to Chase You then Stop Chasing Him

What many women do not understand or remember is that men love the thrill of the chase. It is deeply embedded in their DNA. We have to remember that men are hunters and women, the gatherers. When you chase a man, he may be flattered, but sometime it can be a turn off. Men can also feel that if you are doing all the chasing, why should they? Then, when they sit back and let you do it, you get mad and wonder why they are not putting forth the effort. It is like this: If you always got the mail at your household, your man wouldn’t. He expects you to do it, it has “become” your job. Why should he try to take over? In many cases, he won’t.

Many ladies have told us that if they don’t pursue the guy they are afraid he won’t pursue. Unfortunately, that is your answer clue. If he is truly interested in you, he will chase you and you.

You may be frustrated or impatient because he is taking too long to chase you, so you want to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Sometimes that is a smart move, sometimes it is not. Perhaps you are chasing a man who does not wish to be caught. Some men run for the hills when they are chased. When in doubt, let him chase you and you will get the validation you need that he is into you and it creates the right dynamic.


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