You Have Been Dumped, But Are You Better Off Without Him?

You have been dumped and it is a horrible dis-empowering feeling. Now that your relationship is over, your primary focus may be getting him to give the relationship another chance. You may be focusing on how much you miss the good things about him. You might be dealing with the jealousy and hurt that he left you for someone else. What you should really be asking yourself at this time is:  Are you better off without him?

You Have Been Dumped, But Are You Better Off Without Him?

You Have Been Dumped, But Are You Better Off Without Him?

Sometimes, when someone ends a relationship with you, the shock of it keeps you stuck in a strange place. Because you cannot believe they would do it to you, especially after all you did for them, you feel you did not deserve the breakup. Nonetheless, you have been dumped. When you feel you did not deserve it, you want him to change his mind. Look at it from a different perspective. Maybe you did deserve to be dumped, because the universe wanted you to stop wasting your time with someone so undeserving. The universe may have shown you all the reasons you should have dumped HIM, but you chose not to. Maybe you have been dumped because it is the right thing for you, and he was the wrong man for you.

Stop thinking that he will never find someone as good to him as you were. That is his loss, not yours. You should be looking forward to finding someone who will be better to YOU then he was. Stop being jealous of the new woman in his life. You should feel sorry for her because she will wind up with the same guy you did. Maybe she deserves him, but you deserve better!! Besides he will probably dump her as well.

Don’t worry about all the time you invested in him. You can now invest your precious time on someone who will give 100% like you did to your ex. Don’t focus on the time you wasted, but that you are no longer wasting your time. If this man was good to you, and really treated you well (not here and there, but 90% of the time) and the bad times were really not bad, then maybe you are not better off without him. If you were happy with who he was, not who you thought he may change into, then he is worthy of an attempt to reconcile.

If the bad times were real bad, he needs to stay gone.You are not the only one who gets to decide if he will give this a chance or if he will dump you again sometime in the future. If he has done this before, you need to know if he will do it again before you give him yet another chance. First and foremost, realistically decide if you are better or with him or without him. Once you have clarity, you can find the right path for yourself. That path will either lead towards reconciliation or closure.

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