Healing a Broken Heart After A Breakup

Some people feel as if their broken heart will never heal. When a break up occurs, it can often live you both blind sided and emotionally distraught. The healing process for a broken heart can take a long time, and if not done in a timely manner you can spend months or even years feeling miserable. You may be wondering why it ended, or feeling hurt that it did, and hoping that perhaps you will get back together again.


Having hope is fine, as long as it is realistic. If you are not going to get back together, you need to focus on moving on instead. It is hard for your heart to hear and accept that there is no longer any hope.  You may hope a chance at reconciliation, so you choose to cling to that hope because it makes you feel better. It may be time for you to concentrate on healing from the break up instead so you can move on to a new relationship. That may not be what you want to hear, but if it is the reality of your situation, you need to hear it, so your broken heart can begin to heal.


Healing a Broken Heart After A Breakup

Healing a Broken Heart After A Breakup

Quite often people want to heal their broken heart because it hurts so bad. It affects their health, weight,grooming,job,sleep, you name it. But if you avoid accepting the reality that the relationship is over so you can begin healing your broken heart, you actually are keeping your heart-broken! You can try to avoid it, but you are only hurting yourself in the long run and keeping yourself stuck in a miserable state.  You may even be going through this period of mourning the end of your relationship for nothing.  A love psychic reading may tell you the exact opposite, that you should postpone the healing process because your reading shows that reconciliation is in the cards. Why go through the healing process if you do not have to? Wouldn’t that time be put to better use by focusing on how to make the relationship better when given the chance? Of course it would. But how do you know if you should start the process or start it? A love psychic reading can examine your relationship, see what your ex is feeling and thinking, and if he or she misses you and is willing to try again. Your ex may have their heart-broken too, even though you don’t know about it or can’t tell.  A love psychic reading is a great way to find out what the future holds for you and your ex. Instead of making excuses to contact your ex and perhaps making a mistake, contact one of our love psychics instead and get the answers you seek.


The first step in healing a broken heart after a breakup would be acceptance that it is really over. You may feel you cannot live with out your ex, and refuse to accept your future without them.  If it really is over, it really is over, and it’s time for you to accept it, and that it is time to start the healing process now. You may finally accept it’s over when a love psychic tells you they see your ex has moved on, gotten closure, and is seeing other people. That information may hurt, but it may be what you need to hear so you too can have closure and eventually begin dating again.


You have to allow yourself to hurt in order to heal.  Broken hearts really hurt, so it takes quite of bit of time to heal properly. Be realistic with your expectations and take it easy on yourself. It is not going to take 5 minutes to grieve, so give yourself a reasonable amount of time to, quite frankly, feel like garbage. Don’t let yourself linger too long in your grieving stage, as other areas of your life are put on hold and can suffer. Love psychics can really help during this time, and empower you to see the future ahead of you, instead of mourning your past.


Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Push the thoughts and memories of your ex from your mind when they arise. Day by day, this will get gradually easier and your broken heart will begin to heal. The pain won’t get easier if you don’t start the process. You will stay in limbo while the rest of the world (and your ex) moves on. Times like this often requite outside help, and love psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are here to help. With years of psychic life coaching and counseling thousands of clients, Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can help you accept if it is indeed time to heal and move on after your break up, or hang in there, be strong, and when given the chance, make your relationship better this next time around.

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