Rejection – How to Deal With Rejection Graciously

Rejection is very hard to handle and no one really wants to be faced with rejection. Rejection can make us feel like we are not good enough, not worthy, and a loser. Everyone, in some facet of their life or another must face some form of rejection. It could be a business idea, a loan application, a job interview, and yes, in a relationship or dating.  Rejection can define us in different ways, depending on how we deal with it.  Rejection can not only affect how we feel presently, but how we feel about ourselves in the future.  Rejection affects you, and only you, so it is up to you to find a way to let go of the feelings rejection may cause.

It would be best to first look at the source of rejection. Understand that their rejection of you is just an opinion. Only THEIR opinion. Not fact. Just an opinion. Should their opinion of you matter more than your own? No. Will their opinion be the same as every other person on the planet? No. So will someone be of a different opinion than them? Yes. So what does it all  mean? it means that just because one person or a group of people rejected you for whatever reason, that not everyone will. That person rejected you from a particular job or particular position? So what? It was their call, their opinon and it should not change your opinion of whether YOU thought you deserved it or not.  Get a second opinion. Or a third. Or a fourth. Someone, down the line will have the same opinion of you that you do.

Rejection - How to Deal With Rejection Graciously

Rejection – How to Deal With Rejection Graciously

Relationships are where rejection seems to hurt the worst. It is also where rejection is taken most personally as well.  Understandable. If you hold one persons opinion of you higher than your own you will always remain under their control. You cannot get over rejction in a relationship until you put their opinion of you into proper perspective. Just because they rejected you does not mean you deserved it, and does not mean you were unworthy. All it means is that their opinion of you did not match your opinion of them.

So many couples are breaking up and many people feel the sting of rejection. The worst thing you can do is keep your opinion of your ex the same.  The truth is, they will get over you faster because their opinion of you changed.  So how do you get over them? Same way. Change your opinion of them and get them off that pedistal you put them on.  Don’t waste your time trying to change their opinion of you or try and win them back. Change your opinion of them, and reject the fantasies of what you thought was true about them and about your relationship.

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