When You Love Someone Who is not Single

You have been single for a while and have been waiting to meet the right person. Recently you met someone who you feel may be the one for you. You feel different about them than anyone else you have met before. Everything seems so easy and natural between you. The awkwardness was not there, it actually felt like you have known one another for years and years. The attraction seems pretty strong on both sides. You can feel something is different and significant about this one. So what’s the problem? The problem is, they aren’t single.

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When You Love Someone Who is not Single

So now what? Do you walk away from the most amazing person you have ever met? Do you leave them behind and hope you will meet someone who makes you feel the way they do? Or, do you hang in there, not knowing if or when they may be single? No one really wants to start off an affair that will go no where. No one really wants to invest their time and energy into a relationship that won’t evolve. No one wants to emotionally invest in someone and in a relationship that will be shared with a third-party. But yet, many people are willing to take the risk and put their time, energy and heart on the line. They hope the one they love will eventually see that they are right for them, and that their current relationship is not. They hope that the more time they spend together, the easier it will be for them to see they belong together. They believe that the happier they make the one they love the harder it will be for them to remain in their other relationship.

They want to hang on to the belief that the longer they hang in there, the greater the chance they will get what they want in the end.

In some cases, they are right. In many cases it can be a wake up call to help people get out of loveless relationships. Their relationship has run its course and a new person has helped them see that. But that doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, that doesn’t happen a lot of the time. Many people have found the one they love at the wrong time. They didn’t wait for them to become single, and started a relationship too soon.

That relationship actually had the opposite effect. It allowed and enabled the one they love to stay in their current relationship. What was lacking in that relationship doesn’t matter anymore, because they are getting everything from their new one. They do not have to end their old relationship, they are getting what they need from their new one. They do not feel a sense of urgency because they are not missing out or longing for anything. Their new relationship actually makes them complacent. So what do you do now? Did you make a mistake entering into a relationship while the one you love is not single?

In some cases, the one you love may never intend to leave their marriage. It could be for religious reasons, financial reasons, family reasons, or career reasons. They were not getting their needs met within their primary relationship so they got a little help outside of it. And that is all they want. If you are in love with someone who feels that way, you may be out of luck. They truly may never ever leave. There are also people who believed they would never leave their relationship but change their mind along the way. Which situation have you found yourself in and what should you do about it?

We can help you find a solution to your problem. Keep in mind the solution may be to let go of the one you love because they will never be single. You may have to decide that being the other woman or other man is enough for you. But before you waste any more time on false hope, you need to face the truth of your situation, and we will give you just that.

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