Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

Is your relationship out of control due to controlling behavior? Does the man or woman in your life feel the need to take your decisions out of your hands? Do they constantly give you advice that you didn’t ask for and then get mad at you if you didn’t take it? Do they have to plan everything down to the minutest detail leaving no room for anything spontaneous? Do they feel the need to tell you (actually INSIST is more like it) how you should dress, eat and think? Do they want you to do things only after you have spoken to them first and gotten their approval? Do they get mad at you when you make decisions without consulting them first?


Does the man or woman in your life refuse to accept the word “no” from you and will go on and on and on until they break you down so you finally say yes? Are you no longer allowed to do anything by yourself? Has spending time alone with your friends and family become “not allowed”? Have they distanced themselves (and you) from YOUR family and YOUR friends but you can spend plenty of time with THEIR family and friends? Have they caused riffs between you and your friends and family?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?

Controlling Behavior: Is He or She Too Controlling?


Does it seem like no one in your life can get along with them or meet their approval? Have you been doing less and less of the things YOU like but doing more and more of what THEY like? Have they forgotten to even say please and thank you to you anymore? Do they give you the third degree about what YOU do when they arent around but give little or no details about what THEY do when they aren’t with you? Do they make you feel like part of a team when actually they are the boss?


All these are signs of a relationship where you are being controlled. People that love you do not control you. It’s as simple as that. Of course they will say they only want what is best for you and are the only one who really cares enough to look out for you. They make you feel as if you owe them thanks (and whatever else) for loving you THAT MUCH that they have taken over every aspect of your life. What they are really doing is insulting you.


You were able to live, be happy, have hobbies, likes and dislikes, form opinions, and establish relationships with friends and family before they came along. What they are saying to you is that you did EVERYTHING wrong before they showed up and now are going to fix it THEIR WAY. Eventually everyone being controlled realizes it isn’t based on love but power and insecurity, selfishness or perfectionism.


Can a controlling relationship be changed where each member of the couple has equal say? A psychic love and relationship reading can show you if this is possible, and more. Your love psychic can give you the validation that you are being controlled, because many people don’t even know they are being controlled. Your psychic relationship reading can help you find the steps to take to balance the control in your relationship so it all isn’t one-sided, but equal. Your psychic relationship reading may also show that this relationship is not salvageable either. Only by getting your own personal psychic reading can you find out how to change your life from being under someones thumb to standing on your own two feet with all of your power back. The person trying to control you won’t change, what they are doing is working for them in the little world they are creating for the two of you. If you want to be an equal partner in your relationship some things are going to have to change, and your love psychic can show you what, and how.



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