Are You In The Friend Zone- Can You Get Out of The Friend Zone?

What do you do if you find yourself in the friend zone but you want more? You may desperately want out of the friend zone, but can you get out? When placed in the friend zone, are you permanently stuck there? Is there any way to escape the dreaded friend zone? What if the person you love will never let you leave the friend zone?

First, the friend zone is not always a permanent residence.  Just because they put you in the box does not mean you cannot ever get out. Some people, over time, and at a different place in their live begin to see others differently. The problem is that could take a long time. Longer than you may be willing to wait.  So what should you do when you are stuck in the friend zone with no way out in sight?

Should you profess your feelings as a way to get out? This is not an easy answer, and can easily backfire on you badly. If the other person is not ready to see you in any othetr way other than friends, telling them your feelings make make them uneasy. If their reaction to you as a romantic partner is negative right now, you don’t want that to be an image they fixate on. That is worse than the friend zone. That is the “there is no way in hell” zone. Much harder to get out of for sure.  It is diffucult to deal with when someone is not ready to share your feelings, but that is a reality you may have to deal with. All by yourself.

Are You In The Friend Zone- Can You Get Out of The Friend Zone?

Are You In The Friend Zone- Can You Get Out of The Friend Zone?

In some cases, letting your feelings out in subtle ways rather than just blurting them out can get your “friend” more use to the idea. If you are a little more flirty or affectionate you may get them to awaken or warm up t0 the idea. It may have taken you a while to get there, and you may be able to help them get there too.

So what is your best bet for getting out of the friend zone and is it even possible? A psychic reading can really be of benefit to you before you make a drastic mistake. You don’t want to lose your chance to become more, and you don’t want to lose the friendship either. To get a better idea of the feelings he or she has for you or doesn’t have for you can be found with a psychic reading.

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