Playing the Blame Game- No One Wins The Blame Game So Why Play?

The blame game is played for different reasons, and in different ways. Do you play the blame game with yourself? Is the blame game being played out in your relationships? Since no one really wins the blame game, it is about time we quit playing.  Let’s first look at why the blame game even comes into play in the first place.

If you had say a rough childhood where your parents were never very affectionate, you are faced with two choices. You can rise about your parents treatment of you and move on with your future. In doing so you can have more affectionate relationships going forward without looking back. Or, you can choose to play the blame game going forward and attracted unaffectionate people to you or seek them out yourself. Since you are blaming your parents, will feel powerless to obtain affection from others because you let your past direct your future.

Why would someone pick the second option? Some people simply cannot get over their past and let go of it. They don’t have to accept any responsibility for their future, because the blame will forever remain with their parents.  When you play the blame game you always give the fault to someone else. The problem is, you never empower yourself to create the changes in your life, relationships, career or finances that you really desire.

Playing the Blame Game- No One Wins The Blame Game So Why Play?

Playing the Blame Game- No One Wins The Blame Game So Why Play?

Someone who doesn’t want to accept responsibility for their own role in their life or to accept any consequences for what they said or did (or didn’t say or didn’t do) will simply resort to the blame game. Didn’t get the promotion? Well, it couldn’t be their fault, play the blame game and blame your boss for being unfair. It surely couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you come in late and don’t get your reports in on time. Nope!! When playing the blame game it never has anything to do with you, it is always about someone else.

Had a fight with your boyfriend? Make it all his fault by playing the blame game! He was the one that made the comment about going out to eat for dinner which then caused you to snap at him. You wouldn’t have had to if he simply used his brain and thought before he spoke. Couldn’t he tell you were in a bad mood just by looking at you? Couldn’t he tell you weren’t in the mood to go out and needed quiet time alone with him and not in some stupid restaurant? How can he be so selfish and unaware of your needs? When you play the blame game, you have nothing to apologize for. They are the ones that need to apologize to you. After all, they started it, right? Wrong.

Are you in a relationship, career, or have a friend or family member that plays the blame game with you? Are you playing the blame game in your relationships? (whether it be romantic, just friends, or familial relationships) If this is happening, you need to put an end to it at once. But can you? Can you stop playing the blame game with others or get others to stop playing it with you? A psychic relationship reading with Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise can help you create the change you are looking for in all of your relationships. It all starts with you.

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