Waiting for Things to Get Better?

waiting for things to get better

Waiting for Things to Get Better?

Do you find yourself waiting for things to get better? What makes so many people believe that the act of waiting will make things better in their relationships?

The passage of time clearly has shown them that things got worse, not better. So why are they continuing to hope,pray, and wait for things to get better in their relationship? Waiting around for the other person to change their habits, lifestyle, choices and behaviors is clearly not the right approach. Stop waiting for change, and begin creating the change.

There is a saying that you cant change other people. That is true, to a point. What you can change is yourself, and you can begin by changing what you accept,deal with, put up with, allow and wait for. In doing that, the other person is forced to make a change themselves or remain the same. If they really love you and are willing to change, then they will. If they don’t, they never were going to anyway.

What you set in motion by changing yourself instead of just waiting around is speed up the process. You will either get the changes in your relationship you were waiting for or you will lose the illusion that you had that is was ever going to change and get better.

You can wait in a productive manner, or a passive manner. If you have waited for improvements in your relationship only using your voice it may be time to add a little action as well. Words without action are empty. Empty words and threats rarely if ever make drastic changes. Those of you verbalizing the same demands for change over and over yet not getting them should know this. So stop waiting around for things to get better and make yourself better.

Make yourself a person who demands and gets respect. Make yourself a person who doesn’t put up with nonsense and drama. Make yourself a person who does not tolerate mistreatment. Make yourself a person who is willing to walk away from a situation or relationship that no longer serves them well. If you do that, you won’t have to wait too long for things to get better.

Things will change for the better from within, and cause everything else around them to change as well. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. I waited a long time for things to change and they never did so I got out. Wish I had sooner and not wasted so much time.

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