Dating VS Relationships: Differences Between Dating vs Relationship

There is a big difference between being in a relationship and dating. When a couple starts dating, they are supposed to use this time to get to know one another and decide if this person is right for them to have a relationship with. Too often people want to fast forward through the dating process and get right to a relationship. Without dating for a certain period of time, how do you know a relationship with this person will work?

People often tell us “I was in a relationship with so-and-so for 4 months” and we then ask “Well how long did you date before you got into the relationship?” And we get silence. The truth is they didn’t date at all really in their mind, but to be quite honest, they DID date. Somewhere in there was a date or two by some definition. What occurred was the tendency to obtain an instant relationship.

 Think about instant coffee. Which is better, instant coffee or brewed coffee? Yeah you have to wait longer for the brewed coffee but it tastes better. Same thing with pudding. You can have one faster, but if you wait, you get the better version. (If you still don’t believe us compare real mashed potatoes with instant mashed potatoes and you have your answer right there.)

Dating VS Relationships: Differences Between Dating vs Relationship

Dating VS Relationships: Differences Between Dating vs Relationship

Dating is not a bad thing, It gives the couple the freedom to understand and discover what the other person wants before getting into a relationship. You are more prepared and ready for commitment. The flow moved at a natural pace, not a forced one. It feels right.


Of course some couples have success going directly into a relationship, but not everyone does. Dating prepares you for the concessions you have to make to be in a relationship with someone. There are less surprises when you have dated for a while, and less surprises is usually a good thing when it comes to relationships. No one wants to date for too long though, especially when it seems like the relationship will never start and you will just stay stuck in the dating phase forever.


So many women we have spoken to have complained that things are not like they were in the beginning. Well then why did you rush past that phase if you liked it so much? Wasn’t it nice when you made plans for your dates instead of just sitting around the house watching TV all the time? Wasn’t it nice to try a new restaurant and talk over dinner once in a while? Having take-out and eating it while watching TV can be fun of course, but couples rarely get out as much as they did when they were dating. It seems the longer a couple does date before they get into a relationship, the longer it takes for them to drop all the activities they had when they were dating.


Relationships are most women and men’s ultimate goal, but never forget that dating does serve a purpose as well. Instead of badgering him or her about when you are going to be in a relationship because you have zero patience, ASK US. Continually asking the person you are dating “Where is our relationship going” can put you on the fast track to Nowheresville.


A psychic relationship reading can answer those questions for you, help you to have a little more patience, cut down on your anxiety and help you to enjoy dating. Of course you don’t want to date someone for a long period of time only to have it go nowhere. You may feel that you have wasted a lot of time. Before you decide to give up on the person you are dating because you think they will never be ready for a relationship, give one of our psychic readers a try. Could you imagine if you ended things and they were getting ready to take your dating to the next level? Then you REALLY would have wasted your time! A psychic reading can help you to avoid making bad decisions, just like it can prevent you from staying with someone for too long. Not every person you date is going to lead to a long-term relationship, so why not find out from one of our gifted psychic readers if YOURS is going to or not.


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