Heartbroken Over My Ex

I’m heartbroken over my ex and can’t stop thinking about him/her. How can I get my ex out of my head?

My ex is seeing someone else, and I am heartbroken. How can I move forward like my ex has?

I am heartbroken over my ex who recently got married. Their getting married hurts worse than our break up. How to I deal with the fact that my ex is happily married to someone else as I sit here alone and heartbroken?

I begged my ex to give me another chance and they told me to move on and be happy. How can I move on and be happy when all I am is depressed and heartbroken?

When you are feeling powerless and heartbroken over an ex it can be confusing and frustrating. When an ex has left your life but not your mind and heart you just feel like crying all the time. You wonder if you will ever feel better because being heartbroken sucks. So how does one get the thoughts of an ex out of their head?

Heartbroken Over My Ex

Heartbroken Over My Ex

When a break up happens it is almost impossible to get an ex out of your head right away. It is going to take some time so don’t be too hard on yourself. When you find yourself thinking about your ex don’t let your mind wander too far. Tell yourself to snap out of it, put on your favorite song, call a friend, watch television or read a book. Do anything that engages both your thoughts and your imagination and keeps them engaged. Fill your head with something else, anything else, and thoughts of your ex will have a harder time creeping in. Tell your friends not bring up your ex unless you do first. Our friends mean well, but sometimes their good intentions can help us stay stuck on an ex.

When the time comes and you learn that your ex has someone new in their life, you may feel heartbroken all over again. (Especially if you were hoping they would come back to you). You may be tempted to find someone else quickly so you are not the only one alone. Since you feel jealous you may think if you find someone new your ex make feel jealousy over your new romance. Don’t use anyone to get back at your ex. Don’t use anyone to get your ex back. Don’t use anyone to try to move on from your ex. Never use someone else for anything, it is bad karma. You wouldn’t want someone to use you would you? Nope. So don’t do it.

When an ex gets married, especially when they wouldn’t commit to us, it is hard not to feel heartbroken. You may have held out hope that one day you would find one another again but now your ex got married to someone else instead. You may ask yourself such questions like “Why did he marry her/him but not me?”. You may find yourself wondering why they didn’t marry you and what life would be like if you had married your ex. Doing that will get you no where, and you will wind up staying heartbroken over your them. Since your ex has made a major commitment to someone else, you need to let go. They are living their lives, and you need to live yours, without him. It’s hard, but again, focus on your life, not theirs. Live your life, not theirs.

If you have begged your ex for another chance to be together and they turned you down, you may feel heartbroken and rejected. Accept that right now is not the time for reconciliation. Be proud of yourself for putting your feelings and intentions on the line. Just because your ex doesn’t want to get back together now does not mean they won’t change their mind down the road. Don’t make the mistake of trying to change their mind. You can’t force them to give your relationship another shot. Know you did all you can and give it up to the universe. Stop trying to control what you can’t and accept that this is now out of your control. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope or shut the door on your ex. It simply means you have to let it, and your ex, go for the time being while you take care of you.

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