Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

You can’t get your ex out of your mind and you wonder “Does He Miss Me too?” You cannot stop thinking about him since your relationship ended and there is so much about your ex that you miss. You Keep thinking how good things were at one time, and wonder how you got to this point. You may have taken your ex for granted and now all you focus on are the things you miss about your ex. We are always asked “Does he miss me” by our clients during love psychic readings. When you miss your ex, you find yourself wondering, does he miss me, too? When you have not heard from the one you love you can’t help but wonder if he does miss you and may assume your ex does not.

Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

Does He Miss Me: You Miss Him But Does He Miss You?

Does He Miss Me?After all you have felt for one another, it makes sense to think he should miss you the way you miss him. However, if he has moved on to another relationship you may think he has left all feelings for you behind. Your ex may still be single yet acts as though he is thoroughly enjoying his new-found happiness.
We can help you see if your ex misses you and the times you shared. You may questions since he has not called, does he miss me? Just because he has not called you though, does not mean he does not miss you! Many people can miss you, but won’t let you know it. They do not always act as though they miss their exes. Sarah and Sophia can not only answer the question “Does he miss me” but can also tell you if your ex boyfriend will do anything about it. Sometimes an ex will try hard not to miss you, and do everything in their power to get over you.  Sometimes when an ex misses you badly, they force themselves not to do anything about it. So don’t think that because he hasn’t contacted you, he must not miss you. He could be missing you just as much, if not more, than you miss him.

You may be the only one reminiscing about your ex and your past relationship. You may want to know if your ex boyfriend has moved on and let go of you and the past. He may miss some things about you, but not enough to consider getting back together with you. Love psychic readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are not going to support your fantasies, but give you the truth if you ask them, “Does he miss me?” If he doesn’t, they will tell you.
Don’t stalk your ex’s Facebook, don’t ask your friends what they think, ask us “does he miss me” and discover the truth. If you miss your ex boyfriend or husband, instead of asking yourself “Does he miss me”, get your question answered by love psychic readers who can cut to the core of the issue. A reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will not only answer the “Does he miss me?” question, it will allow you to know if this relationship can be saved.

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  1. Came to this site from your radio show. Lots of great stuff to read on your blogs.

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  3. I miss my ex too

    We worked together and I had to Leave because of the recession.
    On my last day he came up to me to comforte instead of hugging him I said I will call you as I was in shock in losing my job.

    So over a length if time ibwsd looking for work and would occasionally text but never received a text back.

    Eventually I text again explain that I had feelings for j and that I should have told him on my last day.

    I then received a text back saying that he was in a serious relationship which turned out to be a lie. I haven’t contacted him since as I felt he didn’t want to know or he doesn’t even miss me or care

    Please help me


  4. Does he miss me? Will he ever want to reconcile and get back together?

    • Psychic Relationship Readings

      we dont give personal details in the comments section due to confidentiality issues. Please make arrangements for a reading.

  5. my exboyfriend and i broke up because i didn’t like to go out much. it was my falut and i really regret it and would like to try again with him. we have went out twice since the breakup to eat. i do miss him, but i have just said i will let him come to me if he is really still interested.

  6. What exactly does this “reading” entail? Can this be done online?

    • Psychic Relationship Readings

      You can ask the questions you need to ask to gain clarity for you situation. All readings are tailored to your specific concerns. We offer both online chat readings and call readings.

  7. My boyfriend and I had a,really good relationship, he couldn’t get enough of me and I was so good to him, I cooked for him, made breakfast in bed, we cuddled, tickled and he told me he loved me and I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I miss cuddles and Netflix in bed. Then he accused me of cheating, he wouldn’t believe me, I swear I didn’t he was the only man for me, we had a bad fight and I lost my temper, I hate being accused in the wrong, I did some damage to his car and he just let me, he didn’t even report me to the police, the break up was bad. I contacted him a few days later to try sort things out and he told me “fuck you!! I hate you from the bottom of my heart!” I’m devastated, he hasn’t contacted me since, I want him back!! Its been a week and I haven’t eaten, I love him so much, does he miss me? Will he come back?? I’m so sad without him :(

  8. I had asked my ex if he still misses me?

    He didn’t reply at all . But den minutes later replied n said he was going to bed early n goodnight .

    What’s up with that??

  9. Does he mis me? Does he regret his decision of leaving me?

  10. Hello
    Could you please tell me
    If he misses me and come to me forever?
    If you want to know more details like birthday details i can provide.
    Please help me…i m in very miserble situation. .
    Seeking your kind help

    • Psychic Relationship Readings

      The advisors are unable to provide guidance through their comments section due to confidentiality issues. Please arrange for a reading.

  11. How can i do a reading with you ? I want to asap . Please let me know

  12. hi i really want to know for same about my ex . How can i do a reading with-you? Please let me know

  13. Hi my name is Niesha I have four questions one does Kylah drow miss me
    Two does Kylah drow want me back
    Three will Kylah drows family except me back or is some of her family wanting to except me back
    Four will Kylahs family let her get back with me
    Please let me know thank you

  14. Beauty Florita Ngqungwana

    He told me everytime we argue and we dont talk or text for 3-4days his heart becomes sore as he is missing my voice but i never told him i go exactly through that i even cry myself to sleep. I love him

  15. Does he miss me, is he still in love with me. I’m te mother of his 3 children. Please help me

  16. Thank you for creating this marvelous site! You too ladies are straight from the hip honest. I had a few psychic readings about my soul mate and wow this is an eye-opener I ‘m still learning. what a wake up call for me.

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