Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

What is the worst case scenarios in relationships? Some worst case scenarios in relationships can include cheating, lying, or leaving to be with someone else. The problem with focusing only on the worst case scenarios in relationships is that such a negative viewpoint can affect the relationship in a negative way. Let’s say your worst case scenarios in relationships would be someone cheating on you. this could make you paranoid, insecure, and give you trust issues. The person you are with could be the most trustworthy person on earth that would never cheat on you in a million years. Because your worst case scenario in relationships is cheating, you may never be able to really trust them. You may constantly question their every more, or even feel the need to read their emails, text messages, or check their phone without their permission. This can make the person you love very very angry. They feel that because they have given you no reason to not to trust them, you have no right invading their privacy. You, on the other hand, have let your worst case scenarios get in the way of reality. Your worst case scenarios are in your head, not necessarily in your life. If you make these worst case scenarios a part of your life, they will affect your life big time. And since they are negative, most likely the affect will be negative as well. Not a really good idea if you want to keep your relationship running smooth.


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Worst Case Scenarios in Relationships

When couples fight, one or both may let their worst case scenarios take over. Instead of just taking some time to cool down or calm down, they make things worse. Their worst case scenario could be that the person they love will end the relationship at some point. So what do they do? They make every fight go over the top and may even end the relationship themselves! They feel the other person was going to do it anyway so they took the opportunity to do it first.


This is very damaging behavior to a relationship. Fights or arguments can be resolved, and are opportunities for growth and understanding. Making each fight lead to a break up can cause a lot of damage in so many ways. Because each fight with you ends in a break up, the person you love may keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves to avoid it. This leads to a breakdown in communication. Breakdowns in communication create a ripple affect, and affect many other aspects of the relationship as well. As the communication levels shut down, intimacy could shut down, and growing apart starts. Once that happens there is a good chance the relationship will come to an end at some point. Now the worst case scenario has come true! This is just one example of how worst case scenarios can come true because we are so heavily fixated on them. If you allow your worst case scenarios to rule your mind and emotions, they often ultimately show up in your relationships. A psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you concentrate on the reality of your relationship, and how it may be possible to get your best case scenario to come true instead.

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