Friends with Benefits: Who Benefits From Friends With Benefits?

Friends with benefits is a newer expression to basically describe a “sex with no strings attached” relationship. This is also known as a booty-call. It is a cuter way of saying you are being used for sex. Adults have a right to have any kind of relationship that they want, but many adults enter into a friends with benefits relationship hoping for more down the line. How many of them will get it? Are they wasting their time and being used? Do friends with benefits relationships ever make both parties truly happy? Do people that start friends with benefits relationships actually remain friends when the sex ends? Love psychic readings will show you if your current status will ever change to a meaningful relationship that will benefit you.


Are You Benefiting From Your Friends With Benefits Relationship?


Speaking of benefits,  who is really getting them, you or him? If he is quite happy and content with the way things are, what makes you believe that your friends with benefits relationship will be something he will ever want to change? We don’t fix what isn’t broken, do we? So, if it is working for him, why would he want things to be different between the two of you? When you offer all of the “benefits” to him with no boundaries or respect for your “friendship” what are the chances this could lead to a more serious relationship? How can a relationship that starts out defined as casual become more committed down the line? Do friends with benefits really have a chance at becoming more, or is it the perfect way to start a dysfunctional relationship?  Love psychic readings  will reveal if his feelings for you will grow stronger, and a desire to have a more committed relationship with you will ever come about. You may have gone into this thinking “no strings attached” was a good thing, or that it would lead to a serious relationship with him down the line. Love psychic readings will tell you if your hopes will actually become reality, or if you are wasting your time.

So what does he think about your friends with benefits situation? Why did he agree to it in the first place? Was it because he wanted you sexually but was not ready for a full-blown relationship, or is this just an easy way for him to get what he needs without giving much in return? You will find out what his agenda really is with love psychic readings, and what he really wants from you, and if he sees a future with you. He may not be ready to get into another relationship right now because he recently broke up with someone, or still has feelings for an ex. Even though there are no strings attached, you may be getting more and more attached to him, and you need to know what his feelings and thoughts are before you get in over your head.

Did he enter into this friends with benefits relationship with you so he could have the freedom to see other people? Do you want to know if he has other friends with benefits other than you? If he is being intimate with women other than you, love psychic readings will easily pick that up. Just because you are not being intimate with anyone else does not mean he isn’t, and you really should be privy to that information.

Love psychic readings are not judgemental, but are meant to give you the reality of your situation, and make sure that your friends with benefits relationship is actually benefiting you now, and down the line.


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