Should I Contact My Ex or Wait for Him to Contact Me?

You may have been asking yourself  “Should I contact my ex?” and “Should I wait for my ex to contact me?” and you can’t seem to decide which is the better idea.  You may not have closure from your ex, and the relationship and love you once shared, and think contacting him would be a good idea.  So which is the better option, to contact the ex or wait for him to contact you? A psychic relationship reading can give you the right answer, rather than allow you to make the mistake of reaching out to him when has no interest in hearing from you.

Should I Contact My Ex or Wait for Him to Contact Me?

Should I Contact My Ex or Wait for Him to Contact Me?

For all you know, your ex may have the desire to contact you. Your ex could also be avoiding you, still angry with you, or not in a place right now where contact would be positive.  Even though you may feel the need to contact the ex, it may not be the right time to do so and a psychic love reading can take the guessing and wondering out of the equation. If you are going to make contact with an ex, there must be a reason. Have you been feeling any of the following:

1. I miss my ex and feel the need to make contact with him.

2. I want my ex back and think if I contact my ex he will come back.

3. I am afraid if I do not contact my ex he won’t come back and we won’t get back together.

4. I always have to give in to my ex and make contact, and if I don’t, I will lose him.

5. I think I need to contact my ex, because if I don’t I am afraid he will forget about me.

6. Is it better for me to contact my ex or wait for him to contact me? Should I not give in this time?

7. Should I wait for my ex to contact me or is that the wrong move?

8. I cannot get my ex off my mind and feel it may be a sign that I should contact my ex,

9. I want to contact my ex before he finds someone else.

10. I have run out of patience waiting for my ex to contact me, so maybe I should just do it and get it over with.

You may be sad and lonely since your breakup. Dealing with the emotions that come with breaking up, even if you are the one who initiated the break-up, can be devastating. You may have tried on your own to get closure, but it keeps eluding you.  A love psychic can see if it really is time for you to put your relationship in the past in order to move forward. You may be holding on to false hope or wishful thinking, and a psychic reading will help you accept the truth. You could be worrying for no reason at all, and may not be able to get closure because the relationship and feelings are not over for the both of you.

When it comes to past relationships, we may regret those we let go of or that let go of us. We may want to reach out and contact the ex see if there is a way to get back together and give the relationship another shot. But what if your ex contacts you but did not mention anything about getting back together? Why did your ex contact you then? A love psychic reading can tell you why your ex contacted you, and what he hoped to gain by contacting you.

Not every ex you hear from desires to reunite and put the relationship back together. A relationship psychic reading will tell you what, if anything, your ex’s intentions are for contacting you.

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  1. I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 year. It been three months since we broke up and he had not call me back.The last time we were together we had a terrible fight after he stood me up for 7 hours at night in a bar. He apologies about it and said he was held up at work that night. He even say he dont know why things happen that way and he said he feel bad because he feel he had brought too much pain in my life. We talk about it in that night and in the morning everything was okay. On the third day after he stood me up i whtup him as usually bt he open my text and ignore it and never bother to answer. Since then we had never talk, meet and he had not even call me.I love him and i miss him terrible and i dont know what to say. He told me he love me and i was the best thing that ever happen to his life, he had even took me to visit his family and i had meet his friends. Even though i once find out he was cheating on me, i broke up with him he called me everyday and beg me to take him back and he said if i move on i must always know tht he will always love me,and even tell me to take good care of myself then i forgive him.

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  3. The main reason exes make contact is to see how much power they still have over you. It’s rarely about working out differences and getting back together.

    A psychic reading to help people let go and move on would be more productive.

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