Is He Over His Ex or is He Still in Love With His Ex?

Is your relationship doomed because he is not over his ex? Do you ever have to deal with your current boyfriend’s ex? Is she causing problems in your relationship? She calls at inappropriate times and he always takes her call. He drops your plans every time she changes hers or needs him to pick up the kids. He seems to be keeping an emotional distance from you. He blows up at the littlest thing. He compares or accuses you of acting like her.

Is He Over His Ex or is He Still in Love With His Ex?

Is He Over His Ex?

You begin to wonder, is he over his ex?

These are some signs that he may not be over his ex. It may also be signs that his ex is not over him. Your relationship may have overlapped with his last one. He may not have had the time to get closure on that relationship because he was starting one with you. If he got into a relationship with you too quickly after a breakup, it could be a re-bound situation and he may not have had enough time in between to get over his ex. If he is not over his ex he cannot give 100% of himself to you.

What should you do? What can you do?

Talking to him may do some good, because he may not realize his behavior shows he is not over his ex. He may think he is over her but his actions do not support that. He may also be afraid to tell you he still has feelings for his ex, or recently discovered for himself that he isn’t over her. He may be afraid to tell you because he feels guilty or doesn’t want to upset you.

There may be things you can do before it is too late, or it might already be too late. You don’t want to be the last one to find out. It could simply be the ex is not over him, and she may be trying to get back in the picture. He may not have feelings for her right now. But if she is being sweet and nice, bringing up old times together, you don’t want him to start getting feelings for her again, do you? No.

Sarah and Sophia can find out what is going on between him and his ex, and if it is innocent, or something you need to worry about. With their guidance you can begin to take correct steps to fix this relationship or walk away from it once and for all.

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