Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

What do you do when you seem to have the perfect relationship but an ex-boyfriend keeps causing as many problems as he can think of? What do you do if you have moved on from your ex-boyfriend, but he refuses to move on from you? What should you do if your new girlfriend has an ex that keeps trying to get her back?

How do you deal with an ex-boyfriend that is ruining your relationship? Well, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the ex-boyfriend only has as much power as you give him. Yes, he can keep trying to make contact, get attention, or seek revenge. But what can the ex-boyfriend really do to ruin your relationship? Not a whole lot.

Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Ruining Your Relationship?

An ex-boyfriend can call, text, email, and stop by. That doesn’t mean you have to answer the call, ex, email or answer the door. An ex-boyfriend can send flowers, gifts, and try other romantic gestures. That does not mean any of them will work. In most cases, when an ex-boyfriend won’t get the hint, what he is actually doing is make his ex glad she ended things with him in the first place. It usually doesn’t confuse her, or pull at her heartstrings. It usually only makes her angry and she just wants him to knock it off. So, the ex-boyfriend may be pissing you off, but he is pissing her off too. Not a good strategy on his part now is it?

Now, if your current love has been speaking, texting, or meeting with an ex-boyfriend, you have a problem. If she really has moved on from him she wouldn’t do that. There should be nothing left to say to her ex-boyfriend, so she has no good excuse for dealing with him. Anyone with one brain cell knows that the current love interest would not appreciate, like or be comfortable with them being with an ex that wants them back.

So, priorities need to be set in place. If you want your new relationship to work out, keep the ex out of your life. Some have to deal with their ex because of children, that is a different story. At least until the new relationship has been able to build a foundation with security. Sadly, many people move on too quickly from an ex and get into a new relationship. Then when the ex-boyfriend comes around they are still vulnerable to them and still have unresolved feelings for them. This is why many people find ex-boyfriends a threat to their new relationship, and rightfully so.

You may be in an on-off relationship with a woman who breaks up with you to go back with her ex. Then, when things go wrong with the ex, she comes running back to you. You need to put a stop to this cycle. She needs to make a decision once and for all. Stop taking her back. Let her stay with him and have no one to run to. Let her and her ex-boyfriend destroy their relationship once and for all. She is playing a very hurtful game. You and her ex-boyfriend may hate one another with a passion, but she is the one in control of the game. Neither one of you are. You are both after the same thing, which is her. And she is using that against the both of you. A healthy relationship should be between two people, and not three. If an ex-boyfriend is being too invasive in your relationship, it’s time either he goes, or you go.

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