Narcissists – Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

We have all become familiar with  narcissists or at least we think we have. But how can you be sure you are with a narcissist? How do people deal with being in a relationship with narcissists? Is there any hope for good relationships with narcissists or are the doomed to fail? How can you seperate narcissists from people with high self esteem? Since we all have egos, how can you tell if people have big egos sometimes or if they truly are narcissists? When people are in relationships with narcissists they often feel like they are in a relationship all by themselves or the only one putting or doing the heavy lifting in the relationship. These relationships are truly centered on fear.

If you are afraid to express your thoughts, feelings and opinions because of the repercusions, you may be in a relationship with a narcissist. When relationships with narcissists begin, you feel as though you have been swept away in a tornado. They make you feel like a princess, they do everything possible to make you feel as if you could do no wrong. He chased and pursued you and pulled out all the stops. He made you believe you had finally found someone who knows how to treat a lady. Once he has won you however, it is not longer that you can do no wrong, but that now you cannot seem to do a single thing right.¬† When at first your relationship was about you and how you felt and making you happy, a shift has now taken place. Now it is you that must revolve your entire world around his every thought, whim, feeling and need. You say to yourself “Well, I will just be extra cautious and as long as I don’t do anything wrong he wont get upset. Wrong. A narcissits can get upset, VERY upset at any little thing. You may try walking on eggshells with narcissists, but you will still wind up stepping on their landmines because they are everywhere.

Narcissists - Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

Narcissists – Is He A Narcissist And What Can You Do About it?

To the outside world and everyone else they come in contact with they are charming, friendly, wonderful upstanding citizens. Behind closed doors, and with you alone they are someone else. Because they are so good at their public persona, people will have a hard time believing narcissists are different in private. Quite often narcissists come out looking like the good guy at your expense.

Some ways to spot narcissists are:

  • It is always about them, never about you.
  • They constantly need to be the center of attention, in a good way or a bad way.
  • They always make you feel insecure and that you are not good enough. They blame you for everything and take zero responsibility for anything they do.
  • They feel the need to punish you severely for anything they consider “wrong”. They will never accept any punishment and remorse for anything they do wrong, because they are never wrong. If they are, it is only because of you and your fault anyway.
  • Their problems are astronimical, yours do not count.
  • They make all the decisions for the both of you. You don’t have a vote. This is not a democracy but a facist dictatorship.
  • You cannot depend on narcissists, but narcissits must be able to depend on YOU.
    So you can you anything to change narcissists? Not really. The change must come from them and they think nothing is wrong with them. If you would like to know if the one you love is truly a narcissist and if it is time to let go, contact Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise for a psychic relationship reading. Relationships with narcissists can make you feel crazy and doubt yourself immensely, but with these two ladies you can finally see the truth about your situation.

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