Neglect in Relationships: Neglecting or Being Neglected?

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Neglect in Relationships

If you experience neglect in relationships, the relationship will wither and die. People in relationships will put up with being neglected, but only for so long. You cannot take for granted that your relationship will continue if it is being neglected.

It is sad that so many relationships end because of neglect in relationships. It is not that the couple fell out of love or despise one another. Quite often the case may be that they simply stopped nurturing the relationship itself.


People often think that once they have a relationship, it’s the end of the road. They won the prize, they have what they worked towards getting, and can now kick back and relax. This is where neglect can first begin. Our tone of voice no longer needs to be kind, we no longer need to be on our best behavior or look our best. We stop putting forth and effort because we already feel we have what we wanted, so there is no need to pursue what we wanted.


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Do You Feel Neglected in Your Relationship?

Neglect in relationships often begins by neglecting the words, behaviors and actions that helped up get our relationship going in the first place is a really bad idea. Those kind words, behaviors, and actions are what will help us keep the relationship. When we stop those words, behaviors and actions our partner may wind up feeling they are being neglected. They want things back the way they used to be, and no longer feel you are the same person you once were. They also may start thinking that you no longer feel the same way about them. This makes perfect sense to them. If you felt the same about them, they why are you neglecting them?


Neglect in relationships, like stated perviously, does not always mean the feelings have changed or that the person no longer wants the relationship to continue. Sometimes though, it does. When someone neglects you and your feelings, it could be that they no longer value you or the relationship. If you both allow this neglect to continue, it usually only gets worse. Over time, they value both you and the relationship less and less. It is often the case that they then find themselves attracted to someone else they feel is of more value. As you can see, neglect can lead to the demise of a relationship.


If you have been neglecting someone you love and are just being lazy, you could be in for a rude awakening. No one likes to feel they are being neglected. The one you love may have already let you know that they feel they are being neglected and you didn’t take them seriously and make changes. After a while, the person being neglected will believe you do not value them. They may wind up looking outside the relationship or may be open to someone outside the relationship who will value them. Then it can be too late for you. You may have had no intention of losing the relationship, but your neglect set it in motion. If you have been dealing with neglect in your relationship, contact Sophia Elise and lady Sarah for the guidance you seek.

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