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relationship advice thru psychic readings

relationship advice thru psychic readings.

A Psychic Reading can be a great way to get solid relationship advice and guidance. Relationships are hard enough and many people need outside help and relationship advice. We all want to make our relationships work and will do our best to save them.

Most people call for a psychic reading to get relationship advice. Some of the reasons anyone would contact a love and relationship psychic is because they want to know where their current relationship is heading, they are suspicious of their partner, their partner is cheating on them or they are recently broken up and want to know if s/he is returning. As psychics we can certainly answer these questions… but how can a psychic best help you with your relationships?


Throughout our lifetimes, we create and maintain hundreds of relationships. After developing the first relationship with our parents and our siblings, we move on to create love, career and social relationships with friends, teachers, associates, peers and co-workers. We form strong bonds to our animals, toys, cars and even our clothes. And yet, with all the relationships to people and things that we form in a lifetime, the ones that we as humans seem to focus on the most are those involving love. Our romantic relationships are the ones that bring us the most joy, peace and well being, but when they go wrong, the ones bring us the most heart break and sorrow. Sometimes these love interests are meant to last a lifetime, but very often can represent only a temporary stage in our lives, until we grow and evolve beyond that relationship, as we prepare for the next love interest in our lives.


A good psychic adviser can help steer you down the right path for the development of your relationship to ensure that your desires and dreams in regard to this love situation are realized. Of course you can ask a psychic ‘surface level’ questions like:

  • Is he coming back?
  • Is he going to call?
  • How does he feel about me?
  • When is he going to call me?
  • Does he miss me? 
  • What does he think about me?
  • Doesn’t he realize he could lose me?

When it comes to questions like these, you have to understand being in a relationship where you don’t KNOW if or when the person is going to call is the major issue in the relationship.

In essence, the real problem is not whether s/he is coming back, but rather why they left in the first place… and will they do it again? What we seek to provide, rather than be your psychic Magic 8 Ball answering ‘surface level’ questions, is to get down to the heart of the matter and uncover what is occurring in your behavior (as well as theirs) to create the conflict.  Once this is identified, we can provide steps and actions you can take to better resolve relationship crises in the future.

Some better questions to ask your love and relationship psychic during your reading are:

  • What was the REAL reason they left?
  • Is there a way I can make sure they don’t leave again?
  • How can I get him/her to respect me?

Psychic Lady Sarah and Psychic Sophia Elise would like to offer you TOOLS to get your relationship to a place where you don’t NEED to call us to find out WHEN/IF they will call, because YOU will know yourself. We don’t want the power, we want YOU to be empowered. We want YOU to be able to read your OWN relationships, avoid the bumps in the road, and steer it in the right direction. We can help you if you want help, however if you just want answers to Magic 8 Ball questions, we really are not the right advisers / readers for you. We don’t want people dependent on us, we want you to be INDEPENDENT. Those are our success stories.

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