Is Your Relationship Destined to Last?

is your relationship destined to last

Is Your Relationship Destined to Last?

Is your relationship destined to last? Do you feel that your relationship is destined to work out against all odds? Destiny may play a part in your relationship with the one you love. Destiny can’t be held responsible for the longevity of your relationship though.

If the two of you keep making mistake after mistake, destiny is going to find another couple to help out. The mistakes you two keep making (and repeating) could make your relationship destined NEVER to work out. We play a role in our destiny. Destiny is not our get out of jail free card. You two may have been destined to meet one another, but once you did, you play a role in the destiny of your relationship. Destiny can often bring us the opportunity to have a relationship, but destiny is not in control of how we behave in the relationship. Destiny is not responsible for our mistakes.

Destiny does not prevent our making mistakes in relationships either. Our free will comes into play more often than destiny. Do not give destiny the credit for having the power to keep you together. That power lies with the two of you for the most part.

It could be that your relationship is destined to fail, and that you are with the wrong person. Just because your relationship has survived doesn’t mean it should have. Sometimes destiny steps in to show us just how dysfunctional our relationships really are. For instance, you may have been destined to find out the one you love has been cheating on you. Is that so you can overcome infidelity, or because you are not destined to be together in the first place?
Destiny can assist us with obtaining the things we want most in life. Destiny can also give us a hand and help us let go of the things that although we want them, we need to let go of them. All things in our lives are not pre destined. We make our daily choices, decision and make our mistakes which set the direction our lives move in. Destiny may throw things off course, but we must look at destiny with open eyes and an open mind. We cannot always think destiny will give us everything and everyone that we want in our lives. Sometimes destiny does us a favor by forcing us to face things we do not want to see.

Is your relationship destined to last or destined to fail? All relationships can’t be destined to last. But is yours? Why not get a psychic reading and find out what the future has in store for your relationship?

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  1. I used to believe in destiny but now I realize you have to work together to make it work

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