Relationship Mistakes: Making too Many Mistakes in Your Relationship?

No one wants to make mistakes in a new relationship. We all hope for the best and take our chances with our hearts. A great way to better your chances is to avoid some of the top common relationship mistakes such as:

Being too needy/clingy. If you call him or her constantly and expect them to talk to you each and every time they may think you are too high maintenance. This is a big mistake many people make in relationships. Don’t expect them to drop their entire life and re-arrange it for you. Of course in the beginning they may drop everything and make time for you but then they have to fit you into their real life. If you immediately show them that what they has to offer is not enough, they will give up and let you go.

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them

Relationship Mistakes: Top relationship mistakes and how to avoid them


Talking way to much about your ex or comparing him/her to your ex. Getting some insight into your previous relationship may be helpful or interesting at first, but if you ramble on and on they may view you as bitter or not over your ex. When they see what they consider a “red flag” they may begin to distance themselves from you. Everyone wants to be recognized as an individual, and being compared to someone else like an ex (especially when a fight is going on) is annoying and insulting. Going on and on about your ex is a very big mistake and should be avoided at all costs.


Becoming intimate or saying I love you too soon. When you become intimate with someone too soon they cannot help but wonder if that is your M.O. Do you sleep with everyone right away? Becoming intimate with someone too soon can also put you in the “booty call” category without your knowing it. Once in that category, it is very hard to get out of it. Although we all want to be loved, we know we can only be truly loved when someone really knows us. If those words are said to quickly, they have little value because the person hearing those words wonders if you really mean it. Are you saying what they think you want to hear? How can they love you if they don’t really know you? It may also scare someone into thinking you are moving way to fast. It is a big mistake to say or do serious things if your relationship hasn’t had the time to get serious.

Constant complaining. You think they work to much. They spend too much time with their friends and family. You don’t like his friend Joe. Well, guess what? Those are all a part of THEIR life, so they feel you are criticizing their LIFE. How can you fit into their life if you seem to like no part of it? Then they wonder if they would have to change everything in their life to make you happy. Rather than do that, they let YOU go.


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