Relationship Sabotage: Don’t let your relationship be sabotoged

Relationship sabotage happens all the time. Relationship sabotage also comes in many forms so you may not even be aware of it.  Some people know consciously they are sabotaging a relationship but others will sabotage a relationship without evening knowing it. What are some of the reasons people engage in relationship sabotage?

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Relationship Sabotage

People sabotage relationships for many reasons. You may have trust issues from your past because of cheating or being cheated on. Your ex may have sabotaged your relationship by cheating, and even your current partner may do it too. There may not be closure for either you or your partner. Dealing with the ex can be a form of relationship sabotage as well. Because of how badly they were hurt (or you were hurt) by an ex may be the reason your relationship is being sabotaged right now.

People sabotage relationships in many ways. Some people refuse to commit and sabotage the relationship from moving forward. They think if they keep the pace set at “slow” they can keep their feelings from developing too quickly.  Some people come in and out of your life. This form of relationship sabotage is to keep you in their life, but not give the relationship a chance to really develop. Sometimes people are so afraid of a relationship failing that they are afraid to give it a real chance. Why? Because if they give it a chance it has a chance to FAIL. The fear of failure can keep people from commitment, and being consistent with their behavior and words.

A psychic relationship reading can help you rid yourself of the behavior and words that are sabotaging your relationship. Psychic relationship readings are a great way to find out what the motive truly is of the negative things your partner is doing or saying to you. You may think the one you love really does not love you or care about your relationship. You think they are not afraid to lose you, and do not care if they do. You could be way off base, because someone who sabotages a relationship can do it AND love you. Just because someone sabotages a relationship does not mean they want to lose you either.  Discover what is really creating the sabotage in your relationship with a private psychic relationship reading from Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. With their many years of experience they will be able to cut through the nonsense and see clearly into the heart of what is occurring in your relationship to allow you to bring the relationship sabotage to an end.


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