Sabotaging Love

Sabotaging love happens in more relationships than people realize. There are many people sabotaging relationships without really wanting to. A deep-rooted issue causes many people to start sabotaging their relationship even when things are going really great. It could be a fear of abandonment. It could be a fear of things seeming too good to be true. It could be a fear of commitment. It could even be a fear of their own feelings. All these reasons, and more, can explain why many people are sabotaging love relationships. We have compiled a list of a few ways you may be sabotaging your love relationships without knowing it.

 Ways of Sabotaging Love

1. Making your loved one a low priority. If you have time for a full-time job, going to the gym, checking and using social media, and watching television then you should have plenty of time for the one you love. Sure, you have to work, but you don’t have to watch television, screw around on social media, go to the gym, etc. Those are choices you made regarding your free time. If social media and television are taking higher priority than the one you love, don’t complain when they no longer have time for you. There are the things in life that we have to do, and the things in life we do simply because we want to. Your loved one knows the difference, and so should you. If you are putting things you want to do as priority over your loved one, they will be insulted. And they should be. Start using your time wisely or you may wind up spending your free time alone. You spend time at the gym strengthening your muscles, but don’t spend the time strengthening your relationship? Find more time, it’s there.


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Sabotaging Love

2. If you don’t allow your loved one to have the right to be different from you, you may be sabotaging your love relationship. It is surprising to find how many people are disappointed when they find out the differences in opinions or taste of the one they love and themselves. They feel as though this is a sign of incompatibility. It doesn’t have to be. Sure, big issues like morality and the choice to have children is a problem. But differences in favorite actors, colors, or sports teams? Who cares? What they like shouldn’t affect you unless they are forcing you to like it too. If they aren’t, why would you try to change their opinion on something stupid? You may be making a big deal out of something that shouldn’t be. It is fine if they don’t think like you all the time. It is ok that they don’t like the same exact things you do all the time. It is fine if they don’t do things the way you think is best all the time. YOU are making it a big deal. And it is this controlling behavior that is creating bigger problems, and you are sabotaging your relationship.


3. Being afraid to speak up is another way people are sabotaging love. If you do not express your feelings and opinions, your partner cannot fully get to know you. If you do not speak up with your loved one when you feel hurt or disagree, you are creating a bigger problem. You are not giving your loved one the chance to make changes or apologize. How can your wounds heal without an apology? How can they change their behavior if you don’t stand up for yourself and bring it to their attention? How can they know what you really want or need if you don’t have the courage to tell them? They can’t, and they won’t. You are sabotaging your relationship because you are not being authentic. You are not being a part of your own love relationship. How can your partner make you a priority if you won’t make yourself a priority?


These are just a few ways you could be sabotaging your love relationship. Decide to make some changes going forward, so you can put a stop to it and your relationship can get on a more positive path.

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