Taking Risks in Relationships

Taking risks in relationships is not always wise, but all relationships have an element of risk.

risk taking in relationships

Taking Risks in Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, taking risks in relationships almost always seems worth taking. So should you take the risk and enter into a relationship? The best course of action is to assess the risk. Don’t avoid it, acknowledge it. You will be better equipped to handle and perhaps even lessen the risks involved in a relationship if you see them clearly. Too often the risk factor is right in front of us, almost as a sign from the universe of what we need to watch out for. Think of it as what the worst case scenarios could be. When it comes to other areas of our life we often focus too much on worst case scenarios, yet in relationships, not often enough. The more we honestly realize how much of a risk we are taking, the better the chance we have of dealing with these risk as they arise. Our hearts, emotions, and happiness should be taken seriously. When it comes to our job we are very careful and often would never think of risking our jobs. We try and play it smart when it comes to our finances and income. We should be just as aware of what we stand to lose when taking risks in relationships.

Many people begin affairs because they are focused on the sex, the new feelings of romance and the adrenaline rush. You would be surprised how shocked many people in affairs are when they are caught. It is as if they never thought as seriously as they should what would and could happen if they got busted. Why? Before they acted and chose to risk losing their relationship, shouldn’t they have put more thought into the consequences? Just because you think you may avoid the consequences of any behaviors, actions or words that could affect your relationship, does not mean you will. Chances are you won’t. So really think about what you are risking as opposed to what you think you are momentarily gaining.

You do not have to take every risk that comes your way. You have free will and are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences you may face because of those choices. If the red flags are all waving regarding the person you are dating, why would you consider a relationship with them? All relationships have an element of risk. We get no guarantees that it will work out. No amount of research beforehand can eliminate all the risks. But shouldn’t we only take those risks that have a better chance at a better outcome? You wouldn’t bet your savings if you only had a 10 percent chance of winning would you? You wouldn’t take the risk. Why then would you risk your heart, your love, your happiness, your body, mind and soul on a risky relationship with terrible odds? Sure, you can say it is because you love the person. But there was a time when you felt less for them, at the beginning. It was at that time that you could have bailed and chosen not to take the risk. Sure, it would have hurt, but not to the depth you would now if you ended it. Never be afraid to put the brakes on a relationship if the risks are too high. You could save yourself a lot of heartache and wasted time down the line.

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